Time to be honest

I've been a member here for ages but sat on the side lines reading everyone's posts thinking well done you that's great.  Well time now to get motivated I'm suffering with what they call Policemans heel, and it's killing me, so I've made the choice to lose that fat I'm carrying around with me.  I weighed in at the Drs with my hubby the other day and we weigh in at over 41st between us. Gasp!! I know that's crazy I was shocked so now the time has come to shred those lbs..   


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  • Hi Amanda-Dyer,

    It's great that you've decided to post after being a member here for ages, and I really hope that you and your husband have lots of success in terms of your wishes to lose some weight and really hope that you'll get some relief from the pain you're experiencing with your 'Policeman's heel' - is that like plantar fascilitis or something different?

    I'll be posting the Monday group weigh-in tomorrow, so please do join us if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in.  It can be very motivating.

    I'd recommend the NHS 12 week plan as a great structure.

    Anyway, good luck!  

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes same thing.  

  • Agree with lowcal...this forum is great and really has  helped me. I have been amazed by the support and I encourage you to use it to help you on your way.  Good luck and keep reading 

  • Hello and good luck 😊 If you are doing it together that is very helpful as you can cook healthy meals and watch portion size too 😊 Also if you measure yourselves before you start you can watch the inches disappear 😊

    Best wishes

  • hi Amanda-Dyer please do join us for monday weekly weigh-ins. it is the one constant support i have throughout this journey and helps immensely. xox

  • Yes it is very painful....I guess bottom line is weight loss will help.....makes sense.....! I had 'policemans heel' a few years back and it is agony.......good luck with the journey.... 

  • Very painful condition...weight loss will help...keep motivated....

  • Best shoes for plantar fasciitis are "Crocs" -  they look awful but very supportive and cured mine when I had it.  Weight loss will then stop it returning! Good luck!

  • Hi Amanda,  

    This was one of my motivators for weight loss along with other health problems, plantar fasciitis is so unbelievably painful I would have to psych myself up to stand up after sitting for a while and those first few tottering steps were so awful. I have lost 3 stone plus using  "myfitnesspal" and the heel pain is gone ( It went well before the 3 stone mark) along with quite a few other aches and pains that I always blamed on my age......

    Good luck with your weight loss : )

  • good luck on your weight loss journey, I had weight loss surgery last March & have lost almost 7st my police mans heel has got better than what it was like before. Marie Keogh

  • For me too, it was the shock of how much I actually weigh. Now with the kgs melting off, I am enjoying the other benefits like feeling I look better. It was health all the way, but looking better helps!

  • Ouch I feel your pain, policemens heel is painful. I suffered it for at least a year before I decided enough is enough shred this excess weight ! Well that's going ok down two stone in 12 weeks and heel isn't quite so painful. 😀 

    Definitely look at taping your foot,  find it online it looks mad but actually once you get the hang of it,  it did help me with the pain in my heel and maybe try the arched inner soles from boots  as will support the fallen arches in your foot. 

    Good luck 

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