Aspartame ... any good?

I heard on 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor' it doesn't help with weight loss as a sugar substitute, and somebody said it again today.

If I go back to using sugar in my favourite bedtime drink it would almost certainly not be a good idea, it's addictive apart from any-thing else, and I would want it at other times.

What to do? Savoury drinks only seems the safest.


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12 Replies

  • I have also heard this 😕 I am trying to slowly wean myself off, I have stopped 'diet' Coke but still use a sweetex in my porrige (most mornings) and my coffee (about three times a week) . . . 

    I think it's about balance, I don't enjoy unsweetened porrige and can't afford the calories for sugar, but have reduced it down from two to one and hope to go without eventually. My taste buds are changing gradually 😊

    Good luck

  • Have you tried anything else on your porridge. We put a weight watchers fromage frais on top. Lovely

  • I like xylitol. You can get it from health food shops and also in sainsburys I think. It comes from the birch tree and is a natural sweetener. Looks and tastes pretty much like sugar. You can bake with it too. Article here on nhs website: 

  • I have just remembered stevia. I got some seeds for it but they came up and then I didn't look after them. They are from a hot climate so they may be tricky, even if well cared for. It's very expensive in a jar.

  • Yes you can get ready made stevia in packets from health food shops but I think xylitol is a bit nicer. 

  • Aspartame is very bad news, lots of nasty side effects, give it a miss

  • Salt in porridge, except for the spicy apple juice porridge day and the cocoa banana porridge day, and naughty honey in the bedtime cocoa as at least it isn't addictive. I only have porridge three times a week, so how hard can it be?- Dried fruit on the Bran Flakes as usual.

    Tea and coffee savoury, or maybe mint tea and lemon balm tea using leaves from the garden.


  • You can buy Stevia or Sucralose sweetener tablets in Aldi for under a pound. You can also buy a jar of  Sucralose powder sweetener in Aldi for under a pound. Both taste ok.

  • Hi, I've recently switched to Truvia tabs, which is based on stevia, a plant extract. Several have mentioned it and I've found it quite an easy switch after years on sweetex. Sainsburys have them for about £2.20. But I think I'll try Aldi now! Thanks to Ceejay for the tip :) 

  • Lidl Has two types of sweetener, one with maltodextrin and sucralose 3% in yellow packaging, and one with aspartame in red packaging, which is destined for the food bank! Somebody somewhere might want it......

    Free tea made with mint leaves is good too. Next up is coriander and lime juice, not so sure about that, but trying it once just in case it's nice.

  • Just had my morning porrige with mashed banana, raisins and cinnamon 😊 Who knew how delicious this is? 😊 Revelation! Thank you Bongo4 

  • I had it with hot water, coriander (powder) and lime juice. It was OK, could get used to it.

    Bircher muesli for me means oats, apple juice, mixed spice and seed and dried fruit mix from a packet, soaked overnight.

    Friday's is banana slices and cocoa powder with a bit of milk powder and maybe honey, perhaps some nuts for nutritional variety, don't want to miss vitamins and minerals. Could miss out the banana this time.

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