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Day 1 - Again

Its been 7 months now that this weight has come on, and at the beginning I thought 'ill diet one week and ill have lost it all'. Now here I'm even bigger then when I first realised I gained weight. 

I've started about 6 diets in this time, none of which I completed. 

So today I'm starting again. 

New month, new beginning. 

I've combined the duke diet with calorie counting and the 150 minute plan for Joe Wicks. 

I will have finished the attack phase in 5 days, so May 5th. Hopefully i will have lost 1kg by them. 

Im thinking of weighing myself then but at the same time I'm not sure if i should not and limit the scale to one a week or every 2 weeks. Any suggestions? I'm not really sure what works for me, sometimes it motivates me other times it makes me eat more. :( 

I weighed myself this morning but i cant remember what it was. It should be around 43.8 or so, thats what I've been all week. 

Hopefully by the end of this I will be 46.5 kg. ----THATS THE GOALLLL!!!!! :) 

So i was thinking it might be easier for me to stick to the diet if I wrote a dairy entry about how I felt that day. 

I apologise in advice as you will be seeing a lot of me. 

I'm not good at opening up with my feelings especially my weight struggle so my family wont be of much use and I've decided not to tell my friends, or anyone apart from my mum tbh, because I've realised that actually demotivates me. 

so here goes for my diary...

This is day one. 

In the morning right until 4 (when i went ti the supermarket) i was absolutely fine. then i can more and ate 3 times what i planned to. and the craving wasn't going away. 

So now I've decided dinner is out of the question. I'v counted my calories and I only have 50 left for the day. Im saving it for some tea. 

Other than that i feel completely fine and energetic. 

Will have an early night so i can study well in the morning and because its healthy for all of me, my weight, skin, mind, humour. 

Please do tell me about your diets and how things are going for you. I'd love to hear your stories! 

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Your weight goal is quite low, so assuming you are very petite?   So what motivates you, only you know the answer.

What did it for me was smaller clothes, feeling better, feeling lighter on my feet, recording foods intakes, and weekly weigh ins ( I now do daily happy scale as it gives a truer pic).

Cravings normally pass within 20 mins, hunger doesn't 


Thank you! I didn't know that about the cravings. I'll try timing it next time :) 

Yeah, I'm pretty small. Just over 1.5m

i tried the smaller clothes thing, they've just  been sitting in my closet getting dusty :/ 

I think when I'm with someone i take better care on my body and that motivates me more than anything. Thats pretty much the reason I've started the diet again. 

What are daily happy scales? 


If you don't eat enough early in the day you will get very hungry and be more likely to lose control 😕 Also eating protein keeps you fill for longer😊

Good luck


Everyone says to have a big breakfast, I usually just have a pack of oat meal or  yogurt. would you say thats not enough? 

Thank you very much!!

Good luck to you too <3 


It veRy much depends on what you are doing and your lifestyle, but I have a light breakfast (fruit or porrige) and bigger lunch/brunch, toast and egg/ham salad sandwich or similar between 12-1, sometimes earlier depending on if I have been swimming or whatever, but always at least two slices of bread and some protein.  I then eat a lighter evening meal.  I have found this really helpful in preventing mid afternoon sweet cravings.

Good luck 😊

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Try and attack this with a more positive view; you are not so much dieting as choosing wisely.  You have a calorie limit, but if you go over a little, just up the exercise to balance it out and don't beat yourself up.  It is like a rubber band - pull yourself too hard in one direction, the urge to ping back the other way becomes irresistible so a slow and gentle tug in the right direction is far more sustainable, until you eventually get to your ideal weight.  It is not a race to be thin you are in, more of a more healthy way of life.


Thank you! 

I love this, I'm going to screen shot it and make it my background. 

I've deliberately chosen a diet that lasts until October because I need to make this more of a life change than a weight loss. And if it's not for the long term i wont see it as a weight loss nor will i develop new habits. 

Thank you millions, 

Good luck with your weight loss <3 :) 


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