Please help me get control


Please can I join your weekly weigh in group, 3 1/2 years ago I was a size 10 I'm now an 18-20 and 6 stone heavier, I've lost my mojo to say the least, I have a stressful job I've become lazy and a binge eater. I really need somebody to be accountable to, I'm to ashamed to go to a slimming club, I just want to gain control, which diets do you follow?

Thank you to anybody who reads this and hopefully responds?



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  • Hi Nicki,

    Follow this link for an introduction

    The site is for the NHS 12 week plan of course, but there are numerous eating plans being followed too. I follow adequate carb, higher than usual natural fat, to maintain.

    All the best!

  • Hi Nicki, Ive joined this group for similar reasons. Work has taken over for the past few years and my waistline has increased and my health has reduced! I am following the nhs plan of average 1400 cals, logging them on myfitnesspal app, and trying to be very honest with myself (Ive cheated in the past and not  logged all my cals - funnily enough, I didnt lose weight!). I was a bit scared to go to a slimming club so this forum seemed a great place to report weekly weigh ins and to talk about any difficulties. Im only two weeks in so Im not a marathon running supermodel just yet, but good luck on your journey! :-)

  • Hi and welcome Nicki :)

    Of course you may join our weigh-in group and very welcome you'll be :) Zest will post the thread before 6.30am tomorrow and we will be around all day and longer to answer posts, so join us whenever you can :)

    Concerned has given you the link to our welcome newbies thread and also in the pinned posts section, are several fun and motivating challenges. I hope you'll be joining us in them too :)

    Looking forward to seeing you out and about on the forum and wishing you all the best :)

  • Hello and best of luck on your journey. I'm going to be starting the NHS 12 week plan tomorrow, aiming to eat 1400 cals a day :). Exercise wise, I'm doing a variation of the couch to 5k plan, to get me back into running after sustaining an injury late last year. A 10k is booked for Sept to keep me motivated. :)

  • Thank you my intentions are to start tomorrow and follow weight watchers and to also get back to my running xx

  • Hi Nicki,

    Welcome and it's great to hear you're going to join our weekly weigh-in group.  Wishing you a really good week ahead, and look forward to catching up with you in the weigh-in tomorrow.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you I'm feeling motivated already cx

  • Hi I too work long hours, about 12 to 14 a day, so I know how you feel, just feel confident enough to love yourself, persevere motivate and if you slip up it does not mean you've fallen! Give yourself a goal like a holiday or a function and go for it, good luck, you'll feel great!

  • By joining us all here you are on your way support is always around and there are many different options for food .Find one thing to help focus your mind and it will make all the difference ,but remember Rome was not built in 1 day , I constantly remind myself of this when having a wobble. 

  • Hi, Yes read the posts, they do inspire......good luck...

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