Saying hello after lurking for weeks

Hi everyone, I've been lurking around this group since I start the 12 week plan, I'm on week 8 now. It has been a pleasure to read your comments, what a lovely bunch  you are.

I've  really learnt about my own eating habits doing this, I know I'm not particularly motivated and find exercise very boring these days. I planned to change my eating habits for life rather than just loose weight and I think now I'm in week 8 I'm starting to change my mindset, I can say no to cake in the office without feeling like I'm missing out. I have accepted I am now a 45 year old woman with no time and a slowing metabolism. For me slow and steady is the way forward. I'll start the 12 weeks again to get to my ideal weight of 63kg from 71kg and I'll use the plan to maintain my weight. 

I can see why you just do the plan, even if you have a terrible week rather than start again, learning my own pitfalls has been really helpful. Also, as I keep all of my weekly sheets inside the cupboard the family have also got on board with my journey which means they help not hinder.

Anyway, you guys and gals rock, and I am so glad you gently challenge when you see people who have unhealthy goals. 


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10 Replies

  • Well done on your journey so far. I'm about to start as of tomorrow (have a big family meal to get through today) and it's really motivating to hear from people who are being successful :)

  • Enjoy your meal - sounds perfect on a sunny day. This weight loss thing is a journey, I accept that now and am not too hard on myself when I have a rubbish week. MyFitnessPal is great for keeping a track on calories and now helps me decide what to eat. I splashed out on decent food and bathroom scales and both were helpful investments in me - thanks TKMax. Downloading short stories to listen to on my walks has been brilliant, it makes getting off the train home a stop early more enjoyable. Enjoy your family time and the sunshine xx.

  • Thank you - was a lovely meal, although I don't even want to imagine the calories... Thanks for the top about downloading short stories whilst on walks - I hadn't thought of that and its a great idea! x

  • Day one, own it ;-)

  • ClaptonMum! Day 1 down and it was great - thanks for your good luck message too! How is your week going? x

  • Hurrah! Not a great day, mash potatoe, flat white and some malt loaf. But extra walking tomorrow. And hopefully I can resist coffee!!

  • Hi Clapton, I am on week 8 as well, it was hard at the beginning but now, eating healthy food is a daily habit, counting calories, going to the gym and so on, I've been thinking of carrying on with this diet for 15weeks and get to my ideal weight, 60 kg. my advise for working out is buy a gym membership. excersise with other people is much nicer, and some class like zumba or pilates are really funny as well.


  • You are doing well! I've been walking a lot as I can fit that into my daily routine, going to the gym is hard, a) I hate it, b) I work away from home a lot and c) I used to work out loads I think I have an emotional block about going back there. However, I'm dusting off the weights and am committing to a 15 minute workout a couple of times a week to get me back into it. I reckon Zumba would be good fun, might see what's local. Thanks for that tip.

  • Week 9. And a Bank Holiday. What could go wrong......

  • The journey is just that, I've list just under 2 stone in 4 yrs, had phases, of losing and maintaining through choice.  I hit my 50th, well it loomed and a big family party, motivated me, the thought that they thought 'wow isn't she fat', changed things!

    Motivation is not buying bigger clothes, feeling so much better, feeling lighter and realising life is a lot easier, and yes I still add up my cals for the day!

    Take things day by day, accept bad days and that habits change over time

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