Oh dear- need some help

What with struggling with diagnosis of depression, health issues, then going on hols to Cornwall with family (which was lovely but involved a lot of eating and drinking!) and then the worry of my son's post-operation bacterial infection I have completely gone off the rails. I have managed to get back out for a run a couple of times a week, but I am back to over eating and drinking, and have no energy at all- spent the last two afternoons asleep in bed- furious with myself for falling back into bad old habits, can anyone give me a kick up the bum or offer wise words to help me conquer my bad alter ego who takes control?!


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12 Replies

  • Just don't give up wanting to change. It will happen, times when we loose it will be further apart. X

  • Thanks Helen- it's wanting to change which makes it so annoying when I do the same old same old ;) ... Desperately need to get back to where I was at the end of January, which was several pounds less in weight, within healthy BMI range, more toned and positive with an aim of losing another stone. Argh. Day one today, perhaps? See pledge below... 

  • It sounds very understandable! But it will make you feel worse if the spiral continues so yes I'm happy to give some firm advice :)

    Not too long ago, Dave1961 and asics among others were regularly making daily pledges. How about pledging some goals just for today. It takes your mind off the overwhelming bigger picture and can make all the difference.

    How about pledging to go for a run, have no alcohol, make a big salad to have with your lunch, just for today. Maybe pick one thing today, another thing tomorrow, tell us you're going to do it, maybe we'll pledge something too, and you'll have to tell us if you stuck to it or not. A healthy bit of peer pressure... In the nicest possible way of course... :)

  • Hi Ruth thank you what a good idea. I went for a run yesterday, should I perhaps not go today (rest day) or should I go for a short one anyway (tempting)? The best pledge would be no alcohol and no cheese, so I'm going with that. I will need my mental armour on to take control back from  the Evil Twin!

  • Well, you could always go for a nice long walk too, a few miles perhaps.  If you're new to running, you don't want to injure yourself because that might make you feel worse.  Good luck, pledges sound like a great idea!

  • Thanks son1- I walk my dogs but you're right, it's a beautiful day for an extra walk!

  • I still make sure I have rest days despite running for over a year now, as I'm very keen to avoid injury. But rest days can be used in other ways, walking as suggested by Son1, a bike ride, a swim, some strength... Or just resting and making sure you'll be good to run the following day. How did no wine & cheese go? That sounds like enough to be going on with... :)

  • Rainshine It sounds like I wrote this post!

    We are both going to get back on the wagon now! Lets do this together!

    So just for tomorrow I am going to eat 3 healthy meals plus drink 2 litres of water. I will also hopefully squeeze a run in the park as well! 

  • Hi bakers dozen, lovely fellow feeling... Here we go then... I'm really going to do it today and I like your pledges too! :)

  • Thanks!

    We can do this together!

  • Feel for you.....it is hard......you will get there!

  • Morning everyone. Well, I half kept to my pledge- no cheese anyway. But I had family over for roast chicken, there was prosecco ... I decided to join in. I know I broke my pledge but it was a bit of a celebratory evening, bank holiday and all. So, today's pledge, same again - no cheese and no alcohol - and today I will stick to it. Plus, I can go for a run today! I'm totally with you Ruth I really don't need a running related injury in top of everything else!

    Also, this morning I reflected that although I've put weight back on, I am still two stone less than I was in Jan15. I can shift it, I just need to refocus.

    'Breathe in the future, breathe out the past' 

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