First "proper" outing

I signed up to this a few weeks ago and not really done anything, made feeble attempts, but I only walked and although last week, eg; I walked 3 miles and was worn out, it wasn't a very fast pace. After not doing much all day I said to my husband about going out for a walk, I followed the app and tried to run when prompted, (he walked) but as it was the first time of attempting to do this "properly" when told to run I barely made the first min, by the third I only ran about 30 sec and my walking slowed down after each run. We still walked (and some running) 2.38 miles for 40 mins in total and I was worn out, but felt great!! Im 14 stone and only around 5ft :3' so need to loose at least 4 stone! I hope it gets better as today was pathetic, being out of breath so much with trying to run for one min!!


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  • Well done! I've done similar programmes before and they really do work - infact I'm currently half way through getting back up to 5k again, after having to stop because of injury whilst training for 10k (me being clumsy not the programme)! My point is, that I got to training to 10k after having started the way you are! Keep at it and don't worry about being out of breath - you'll quickly notice a difference the more you keep with it! Best of luck!! x

  • Thank you, I'm aching now, I've normally only gone out walking so I was just saying it shows what a difference those short burst's of 'running' makes, as I don't usually ache! I'm going to try again tomorrow, fingers crossed x 

  • Wow, well I for one think thats great. I  tell myself when I started cycling that even though rested more than I cycled... Half an hour stop start on the bike was better than half an hour on the sofa....and it slowly well done you ...little steps...dont take on too much that you struggle and stop enjoying it or it will become a chore. Any movement or activity is a plus. I do far too little exercise  but enjoy my 3 swims a week. I am trying to build on some more walking... Even parking up the hill as bit  further away  from work counts in my book . anyway, well done.

  • I read somewhere that no matter how slow you go you will be faster than the person sat on the sofa!! Lol 😂 

    My first walks last year took me almost an hour to walk one mile, (it includes two steep hills or about 40 steps up to cliff tops) That would leave me exhausted and sore. I now do twice the distance as well as cycling/swimming or yoga mist days. 

    As you lose weight your fitness will improve 😊 And because you are exercising it will be fat you lose not muscle, and inches 😊

    Good luck! 

  • Thank you for your reply, well  done on your success. I've heard that before about better than doing nothing on the settee, I have tried motivating myself with that before but it's still not always easy. I intended to go out today and attempt a run / jog but we live away from most of our family and had family visited today it was nice to see them but by the time they left I didn't end up going out. I say jog because I can't seem to run properly and it seemed more like a jog, but at least it was an attempt! I can't imagine doing a proper run at the moment, but do have a secret ambition to do a proper race one day. 

  • Wow, great ambition. I am so not a runner or even a jogger... I don't think my knee will stand up to it (I fell on one a few years ago lol) but I ask myself if that's an excuse. I think with me is I don't want to try in public. A couple of months ago in an empty park I did jog 10-20 metres so might try to do that mixed in with a walk. No promises though. 

  • I know what you mean I feel embarrassed out running but it's a bit more of a pathetic jog at the moment, which probably looks worse, but I gotta try 😳

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