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My Plan (A Holistic Approach)

Hi all,

After being treated/spoken to quite harshly by a new GP, I have decided on a plan of action. 

My goal is:

To reduce my BMI significantly so that I am no longer putting my body through unnecessary stress. 

I plan to do this by:

Sticking to an appropriate calorie limit

Gradually increasing my activity levels

Taking vitamins, fish oil and probiotic supplements to improve my general health

Reviewing and revising my goal(s) on a weekly basis so that I can continue to make steady progress.

I am hoping to lose between 2-3lb a week. I am also hoping that reducing my BMI and improving my overall health will have a positive impact on my existing health issues.

Please feel free to share your own goals, swap tips or simply offer words of support and or encouragement :)

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Perfect way to do it.  Keep at it and you will end up being beautiful, fit, healthy and of course slimmer.

Only you can do it!


Good luck with your goals Becky, you can do it!  And plenty of support on this forum to help you along your way.  Everyone is very positive and helpful.  I've gradually got to a weight I am happy with, reducing by only about half to one pound a week, but concentrating on eating healthy simple food, cutting out crisps and limiting sweet stuff but not rely denying myself anything, just reasonable portion control.  And lots of walking which makes me feel good!  That is working for me so hope you find what works well for you too. :)


Hello Becky1712   firstly, what a horrid doctor!! I had a similar experience four years ago 😕 Glad you are sounding positive and in control, that is a major plus 😊 You don't say how many calories you will be eating but there are lots of BMR checkers out there, I'm with Nelliecat4 and have followed a generous plan and have lost weight slowly. This forum is great with lots of inspiring stories to give you a boost 😊 Good luck 


Really good to make sure you get your essential oils etc. Weight loss should definitely be a holistic process. I also started my journey after a conversation with a doc. It felt harsh but also necessary, and I did reverse loads of things by losing weight, so I'm grateful now. The one thing I benefit from everyday is no more breathlessness, but there are many more, I won't bore you with them here... Lots of luck, let us know how it goes :)


I love your plan and determination!  Go for it and don't stop until you get what you want and need to be healthy!  Doctors can be so insensitive sometimes... but ultimately I guess he has your health at heart (even if he is a bit socially inept in communicating it!).  Good luck and keep posting on the forum as your determination is inspiring!!!! x

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I agree with all posts. Just slown and steady.  Don't focus on the blips but on what you are aiming to achieve overall.  Good luck and maybe that doctor will have done you a favour 

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Hi all, I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments and give you a quick update :)

I have another appointment with the GP on Thursday (sadly, the same one) and I will be asking for blood tests to check my thyroid and also my prolactin levels (I have good reason to suspect that something is off).

I have downloaded the MyFitnessPal App to track my calories and am sticking to a limit of 1500 cals a day (based on my current BMI and activity levels).

I have decided that I will weigh myself weekly on a Friday, to give me some extra motivation over the weekend.

I have also promised myself that I will do some structured excercise for at least 20 minutes a day (time to dust off the Wii Fit ;) )


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