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Failed Friday

Good morning everyone. 

 I managed to flood my kitchen yesterday and comfort eat as a result 😑. I thought I would step on the scales to find out what damage had been done and I have gained 1lb 😑😑. Sitting here eating porridge for breakfast I know I can keep going.

This site has helped me not put my head in the sand and face it head on 😀.

Wishing everyone a happy Saturday.

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Everyone has 'drawback' days (won't say failed) so pick yourself up dust yourself off enjoy your porridge. Today's another day AND the sun is shining. Think I'll go for a walk.😀

Good luck, sorry about your kitchen. X


That lb will soon pass through .....you will find it will vanish after a few good days.  It might even give you the energy to burn lots of calories polishing up the kitchen.  All that hard work is excellent exercise!


Aw bless you.  I think flooding the kitchen would certainly be enough to get me on the choc.

It'll come off again, fresh start today!

Porridge is a good start (I've just had mine too) ;-)


Thank you, you have all made me feel better. I like the term drawback days 😊

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