Who has a cattle prod? I need to borrow it!

Hi, I have always been a healthy weight but over the last 3 or 4 years I have gained 2.5 stone. Every day starts with "I must start my diet today" and I don't. I seem to eat more each day - aaargh!  My will power is non existant  and I am fed up not being comfy in my clothes. I am also totally skint so can't afford to go to a slimming club, also if I did attend, it would feel a little like failure to admit I can't control my eating.


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  • Oh dear Grannybagley you really do need to get in control of this. Advice is all I can offer, until your head is in the right place to do this you are on a slippery slope.  I find that the satisfaction I get from feeling in control usually (not always) outweighs the satisfaction I get from eating, and believe me I love eating. Make a list of all of the benefits of being at a healthy weight and every time you want to pick have a read of it, also try drinking a glass of water instead of eating.  Good luck with it x

  • You can definitely lose 2.5 stone and get back in control. It's a matter of finding the right moment to absolutely focus and do it. Have you looked at the NHS 12 week weight loss plan? It made the difference for me and I also had 2.5stone to lose. Also look at couch to 5k and the "Welcome Newbies" post in the pinned posts section. Lots of luck - maybe see you at the Monday weigh in? :)

  • I hope you don't mind me asking but I'm still relatively new here and I was wondering what the Monday way in is? 

  • Here's a link to last monday's weigh-in M_V_B for you to peruse at your leisure :)


    Zest will post the new thread on the 2nd May before 6.30am usually and another at around midday, because the number of posters makes the thread really slow. You would be very welcome :)

    Hoping to see you on monday :)

  • Thanks Moreless! Helpful as always 😊

  • Or just a busybody ;)

  • Maybe... but certainly a helpful busybody 😉

  • LOL!!! :D :D

  • I have been in your situation many times and so I sympathise. I'm small and in my late 60s so I lose weight slowly, but every winter I plough it back on again because I'm bored/ hate the cold/don't feel motivated. To really get started losing weight I draw up a chart for 8 weeks to start with, with a box for each day. I decide which foods I am going to buy, and what I am giving up, thinking about substitutes for snacks etc. I also have a few exercise goals and ideas of things to keep me busy. I like hiking and on hiking days if I do 10 miles plus I allow myself a treat or two. I write my weight every week on my chart and tick days I have stuck to healthy eating. Sometimes I stay the same weight but I rarely gain and the pounds drop off slowly. eventually I hope I'll learn to deal with the winter months but the big thing for me is feeling in control of my eating and wanting to be healthy. So I try to avoid refined and processed foods. Good luck, it is hard, but even false starts eventually become real losses if you have a plan and don't give up.

  • Really agree with Annde, you need to be doing this for you and to really want this.

    No cattle prods but what made it work for me is the "my fitness pal" app. Free so it does not matter if your skint. If you set it to lose a pound a week it gives you a reasonable calorie allowance that is easy to stick to . 

    I have now lost 3 stone and 2 pounds and have a way to go.  I wish I had found it years ago. If I have a bad day I just grit my teeth and log it, it does not make me give up because I know I can do this and I just keep going and the weight does come off. 

    It comes off slowly for me but this is for keeps and I know I'll get there eventually. Because I'm doing this for me I don't really mind how slowly it comes off so long as it does. I don't talk about it at work or elsewhere so as not to put any pressure on myself, another part again of doing it for only for me.

    I am doing it mainly for health reasons and already feel much better ( pain is a good motivator) nothing about being overweight gets any easier as you get older.

    Best of luck with whatever method you use, stick with it as it really is worth it.

  • Have a look at the Welcome Newbies pinned post to the right of the screen.  The 12 week plan has lots of good advice and is free.  There is also a weekly weigh in you can join.

    Good luck.

  • don't buy the food you shouldn't eat and then you cannot. I have no will power so that is what I do. Otherwise just have a TINY bit of what you fancy.

  • I think the clue is thinking of it as a 'diet' 😕 It's just a question of maths, less in than out. This can be very simple changes, just eating 200-300 less each day and a brisk 10-15 minute walk can maje a significant difference. This is  very sustainable and will make a big difference to how you feel as well as your fitness 😊 Good luck 😊

  • I think lots of the advice on here is fab, slimming club why?  The NHS plan seems good, start with a few guidelines, see the bigger picture and see what you can change?

    It prob is that your portions are too large, you graze on the wrong foods and eat for comfort, all stuff I did, when I started way back!

    Now I get comfort / 'cuddles ' from dearest cat, bless her, support is always here too

  • I'm in exactly the same position.   Need willpower as can't afford clubs. At the end of the day I know if I stop eating crap and move more I lose weight - it's just that push x

  • HI, I have never, ever posted on a website before. When people responded to my post I was both amazed and embarrassed all at the same time ha ha!  When I entered my height and weight into the NHS calculator thing I was horrified to find out it suggested I lose 2.5 stone. It also suggested the amount of calories I should be eating. In all honesty I have never ever counted calories before and therein lay my problem!! For the last 3 days, yes 3 days, I have been eating 1800 calories and I realize that before I must have been eating almost twice that. A chunk of cheese here, a couple of biscuits there, leftovers from the kids packed lunch boxes...the list was endless.  I'm a bit of a numbers freak - granted it is usually money (or lack of it) that I am constantly counting, so I have found counting calories to be quite exciting. Will it continue to be so for 12 weeks?  I doubt it but it is a start!!!

  • It will be exciting. I'm also always counting the pennies.

    Being thrifty and counting calories go hand in hand. You can make big stews or oven bakes, total up the calories, then divide into how many portions that should actually come to (taking into account any rice/ veg you'd accompany it with) and bag each portion up for the freezer, great way to save money. Don't be embarrassed by the way, we've all done exactly the same. Mmmm cheese.... :D

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