Need help with focus on excersise!!😨

Hi everyone! 

I can so use some advice and motivation for the excersise right now. Although I am losing weight through calorie control,  I would like to be more active with excersise as well. Haha sounds like a good plan but hey! Where is that motivation and determination to do that!😠😦 

My treadmill sits in the living room staring at me and all i do is stare right back it it and look away😣😩

I think in my head that i will do zumba, bollywood dance, treadmill Bike and even skipping rope. However, all that just ends up being stuck in my head instead of coming out in practice. 

Please help me guys as i really want to lose 18lbs over the next 12 weeks😲😵


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10 Replies

  • Hi. I feel exactly the same. When i get in from work and have made the tea, walked the dogs (only excersice i get) and sorted the bates and house i dont feel like excersise. I am unmotivated in that department and i know thats what is going to help but still my head wont engage to get myself up. I hate to think how much i have spent on gym memberships and equipment i just havent used. Hopefully so eone on here can help us both. Wishing us luck on our journey :)

  • Phewwwwww atleast I now know that I am not the only one going through this animalmad13. People post here and it feels like they are posting my thoughts,  my feelings and my bad habits. it makes me think ok, that's it I have to do something about it now and stick to it!. (But soon after it's like, stick to what!😠😬😦). You are right, I'm sure someone will help us get off to that excersise start and get us running downwards weight wise. 

    Best of luck to you as well as me and all others out there.

  • So if ' barrier to it'  is ' too many other things' or too 'tired after work'  - ask yourself what you CAN lose / change to MAKE a ' small' amount of time for it.. say 30 mins  3 x per week? ( how often would you like? ) if you dont LIKE any exercise, try one you DO like.. ?? walking the dogs IS exercise though so dont knock it...

  • I think it has to be the right time of day, for me, first thing in a morning. I don't even think about it, I crawl into my leggings, put the music on and go for it! Depending on what day it is I do either 10 minutes or up to an hour. Just 10 minutes on the treadmill with music on will brighten your whole day. Then, if I get chxnce I 'top up' later. 😊 I signed up for a daily 30 minute exercise as part of the 5x50 challenge and have amazed myself. 😊 

    Good luck! Don't think about it, just do it! 😊

  • Im like Anna61, I need to get up and get on with it, if I spend too long thinking about when, how and what to do the whole day whizzes past and nothing gets done.

    You need to start with something manageable, it sounds as though you are overwhelming yourself with too many activities in your brain.  

    Commit to getting on the treadmill everyday for a minimum of 10 minutes for 7 days, then work on increasing the time later - You need to form the habit first.  Hope this helps. Sx

    Now I just need to take my own advice at lunchtime!

  • I have found that I won't exercise later in the day.  I tell myself I'll head to the pool after work, but then when the end of the day rolls around I just can't be bothered as I'm too tired!

    I would like to go first thing in the morning, but I can't get up to the pool early enough in the morning to go swimming before work (public transport issues) so I've found that going on my lunch break works well.  I'm lucky in that the pool is just a 5 minute walk across the park from the office so I can generally manage half an hour swimming on my hour lunch.  I aim for at least three sessions per week, which gives me a bit of flexibility.

    For me it was about finding a time and place that I was comfortable with so I wouldn't lose the motivation.

  • I think the secret is to have some entertainment whilst you exercise - music, TV or You-Tube?  I watch the TV whilst I iron -  (which is not quite so energetic though)! 

    Alternatively, have you children or a friend who can join you - plan a fitness circuit in the lounge using a step, the treadmill and an exercise mat with some weights maybe?  It'd be more fun with company perhaps?

  • Here's what to do Sana, join us on FizzyLiz's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea challenge, it's fun and motivating and you'll have made a commitment to others, as well as yourself, which will make you more likely to stick at it :)

    Of course, there are other challenges too and you'd be welcome to join us in all of them :)

    If this doesn't get you going, nothing will! Come on Sana, you can do it! :)

  • Check out the ' couch to 5 k'  programme..  with VERY good ' support forum' on here too .... 

    When you look at ' self motivation' though.. Ask yourself.. what are the ' barriers' to stop myself doing this?  then ' How can i overcome/get round them? '  and just DO it.  

  • I found that as soon as I started exercise and stuck to it I carried on. It's just getting over the hurdle of starting and continuing. Now I like exercise (well, afterwards) that it's motivation enough to do it. I use fitness blenders videos on youtube at the moment.

    I was surprised that I actually came home from work (short shift) and done a workout! I've surprised myself so if I'm sure you will too :)

    Maybe you need to find an exercise you love? Or tolerate the least?

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