never give up

never give up

i have  lots of  health problems including stop breathing 160  times within   3  hours sleeps i am  over  weight tryed every think including  weight watchers i have 2 main  things against my weight gain under ative  thyroud and dibetetes 2 and lots more health problems but i say  to yous folks never give up just keep going till you get  it right


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10 Replies

  • Hi and welcome Peggy :)

    That's a very positive post, given the number of things you're having to overcome, you put us all to shame! :)

    Please take a look at our Welcome Newbies thread, as it's full of helpful hints to get you started. It can be found in the pinned posts section at the right of your screen, along with several challenges, which are motivating and a lot of fun :)

    I'd also like to invite you along to our monday group weigh-in, which is friendly, non-judgemental and very supportive. It's not too late to join last monday's, if you wish :)

    I hope we'll see a lot of you on the forum and wishing you all the very best :)

  • hi where are you  for a weigh  in what area

  • I'm sorry Peggy, it appears that the link that I gave you failed, so here it is again

    Our weigh-in is virtual ie you weigh yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home, then join the thread that's posted on a monday to log your progress. If you read through the link that I've given you, you'll get the idea :)

    Please feel free to introduce yourself at the end of the thread :)

    I hope I've made myself clear, because I have a tendency to waffle :)

  • found you moreless ok will start first thing tomorrow morning and weigh myself  again next thursday

  • The weigh-in is for a monday only Peggy, so you can join with your starting weight today, then post again on monday. Although you'll have had a short week, in the whole scheme of things, it really won't matter :) 

    I hope I haven't complicated things further! :o

  • ok moreless will do it now remember my friend i   will shock myself lol ps thank you for believing in all us guys. one way or  another my little fat buddha  belly got to go its being evicted starting from today think positive  guys

  • Lol Peggy :)

    It's my belief that we can all do amazing things :)

  • I can't see you on the weigh-in thread Peggy :o

  • Good luck Peggy 😊 Your positivity is inspiring 😊 Very best wishes 

  • thank you anne i hope to help others as well as myself and should all say never give up i for one wishes every body the best of luck

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