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Have being on a healthy eating plan since November and am finally at goal. I have lost 2 stone in total and now weight 10.11lbs. Not that it matters but bmi 24.2. Can easilt fit into size 12 and summer wardrobe not a struggle anymore. I have being here many times before so really hope I can maintain this time as I find this the hardest bit. Hope everyone having a great week.


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15 Replies

  • Oh well done Eve, what a fantastic achievement! :)

    I've never managed to maintain, but it seems, listening to our esteemed maintainers, that sticking around the forum keeps them accountable and therefore on top of any small gains.

    Wishing you all the very best :)

  • I presume you are going to increase your intake to maintain? Bear in mind that if you've been using 500 kcal of body fat per day for instance, to keep the same balance of healthy eating you will need to reintroduce 500 kcal of natural fat per day.

  • Hi Concerned what do you mean by natural fat. Would that be olive oil etc...

  • Yes. Body fat is almost 50:50 monounsaturated and saturated fat with only small amounts of Essential Fatty Acids. Monos also come from nuts and avocados, with saturates from coconut, palm oil, animal fats and dairy.

  • I've been maintaining a while - it can be done! I kept up pretty much everything except calorie counting. So kept the exercise going, portion control, plenty of fruit and veg and weekly weigh ins. I recommend staying in the weight loss mind set a little longer while at the same time celebrating your amazing achievement. Slowly add in a few relaxed moments here and there, an afters you wouldn't normally have, a couple of drinks with friends, but don't make too many changes at once. I also recommend doing everything you can to embrace your new figure. I've also reached a size 12, I'm far from perfect, but so pleased to be here. Great new clothes, generally looking after your appearance, doing your hair nicely, fun accessories, new bits of sports kit etc will all help you stay constantly conscious of what you've achieved and how important it is not to put the weight back on. Oh and keep posting on here. Good luck! :)

  • Yes that all makes sense @Ruth_canal_runner. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply

  • Just worked out how to put your name in. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me Ruth_canal_runner 

  • Whoop whoop 😊🎉😊 well done eve9 

    I have been at goal twice but not maintained as they were not the right eating plans for me, thus time I am more optimistic 😊 (Although not at goal yet)

    Very best wishes, lots of positive posts on here, maintenance is achievable 😊 Good luck 

  • Yes I have being at goal many times but keep going back to unhealthy eating bit by bit, so hopefully this time.. Anna61 

  • Congratulations you must feel amazing 👍 take a before and after photo and put them on the fridge / cupboard door it helps me !

  • Ah was so unsure that I would be able to get to goal I forgot to take the before picture Scottsmum 

  • Aaw shame!

  • Never mind have lots of clothes as reminders Scottsmum 

  • Get rid of them so you are not tempted to grow back onto them lol!

  • LOL thats very funny but you are right. I should Scottsmum 

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