Maintenance Struggle 2016

Started in 2014 and proudly achieved target weight in April 2015. Since kept it off for a year. BUT  I took the eye off the ball for the past couple of weeks . Not recommended. I have gained  3 lbs 😕 This just reinforces that keeping weight off is a lifetime project!  

Sadly the last measly pounds are much harder to lose. Going to Greece in three weeks time so I'd like to shift them.  My BMR calculation says I now need maximum net calories of 1200 per day to shift 3 lbs, followed by under 1500 to maintain. ... Oh joy!!!  

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  • Congratulations on loosing weight and then maintaining for a year, it sounds like you have caught the upward creep before it got out of hand and I am sure you will loose it before your holiday.  Under 1500 just to maintain sounds very low to me, can you increase this with exercise?

  • 1490 to be exact,  that's maintenance level once I manage to lose these 3 lbs ( back to 138 lbs)  for my height and age 64... assuming little exercise . But yes I will try to win back a few more cals with exercise.... on some days at least 😁

  • How tall are you?  I am 65 yrs and 5ft 5ins, if 1490 calories per day is all I have to look forward to after all this work I am going to have to take up weight lifting or marathon running to get extra calories!

  • I too  am  5ft 5in  .... sorry if not what you want to hear😕

  • On no, I was hoping you were 4ft something ......

  • 3 weeks to go - 1lb a week is easily achievable - try and up the exercise too, and with you knowledge of food control, you'll be there, looking great in Greece!

  • Ah, thank you! Not sure about the beachwear, but otherwise all ok😁 

  • Hi Elliebath - you can definitely do it before Greece! Do you do any strength exercising? I found it really helped kick-start my weight loss for the last few lbs, not even everyday necessarily, but little and often throughout the week. Keep lots of nice fruit and salad bits in the house, try to avoid alcohol, you'll be fine :)

  • I know I could do more than I do ....I  really just walk quite a bit but that's not the same, so I'll have a go !

  • You CAN do it!!! Good luck :)

  • Of course you can do this elliebath, you did it before and you'll do it again and this time you only have 3lbs to lose.

    Maintenance isn't about staying the same weight for the rest of your life, but being aware of your weight and nipping any small gains in the bud, which is exactly what you've done :)

    Don't look into the future and get depressed at the prospect of maintaining on 1500 cals, look ahead and be excited by all the things being slim allows you to do, how being slim and healthy has bought you more time to complete your bucket list ;)

    What you've achieved already and what you're about to achieve, is nothing short of fantabulous and I, for one, salute you! :)

    Wishing you every success and a terrific holiday in Greece :)

  • Really kind comments moreless, thankyou so much and good luck with your journey too !

  • Thanks Elliebath, I'm still hoping to join you in maintenance land one day :)

  • I agree it is a lifetime task ,my goal was 10.7 but I decided to try for 10 so that I can fluctuate with 10.7 as absolute max. it is so easy to gain if you go out for a meal see friends or holiday, so currently at10.1.1/2 just want to touch the nines then I will try eating a bit more of the same stuff as I have actually been eating  a very healthy diet just no cake choc. or wine. I am sure choc would soon get me addicted again, cake I think I could just have half of hubby's, wine ,hmm not sure!! so better not unless its a real celebration. I would just go back to counting calories if I were you ,let us know how long it takes to get back there . best wishes x 

  • Ok, sounds like you've got this under control, well done. Ok I'll report back in due course.... 😊

  • Nothing to add just massive well done on maintaining for a whole year 😊🎉😊 I feel sure you will soon kick those pesky 3lbs 😊

  • Thanks Anna , I'm damned if I'll let any more creep on as I've  long since discarded my bigger clothes !

  • Sounds familiar.  I lost weight many times on a low-fat, calorie counting diet with exercise, but always put it back on, and more, in the long run. 

    Three years ago I switched to low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating (has to be natural fats) with the same amount of exercise and the weight dropped steadily.  I had to gradually increase the fat to maintain weight once I had reached my target.  I put on a pound a day recently on holiday in France (all that delicious bread and pastries) but lost a pound a day when I got home, by reverting to sensible eating - see the free 10 week Low Carb Program on the website.

  • Yes I too eat a much higher fat diet nowadays , but the smell of fresh bread still tempts me sometimes.  But definitely sounds like you have this under control , well done!

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