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I need to rant!

Have you EVER heard 'OMG, I need to eat cucumber and I need to eat it now!' Fresh bread, cheese, chocolate, ginger nuts, cupcakes - yes, obviously! In fact if you eat them really slowly they don't taste great in the mouth. It's just the idea of them. 

The diet industry is so missing a trick - 'meals that make you feel full longer' - nobody eats because they're hungry!! What they need is mental challenges to enter the fridge (failing that devilishly difficult locks!).

I eat because I'm bored, lonely etc.I know - go for a walk, occupy your mind, don't keep stuff in the house etc. But get real - if I want a chocolate biscuit urgently I more likely to eat out of date peanut butter by the spoonful than go for a wAlk!!

I know I feel better when I eat healthy. Bread, cheese, chocolate etc make me feel ill but I still go there😡  Emotional eating is totally irrational.

There, that's me finished. I thank you for listening.

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I (and probably many of us here) agree with you totally. 

As a teenager, I would cycle miles to buy chocolate ...usually at that wretched time of the month.  Later, when boyfriends disappointed, I would turn to the bread bin and make huge doorstep sandwiches.  When work was difficult, I would treat myself to comforting wraps and trifles and cake....and obviously suffered the consequences as my weight went up. 

The only times I haven't eaten irrationally was when I was pregnant, strangely enough, (a lot of other women eat more when pregnant), and since the menopause; cravings have reduced immensely, so in my case, I think a lot of my over-eating was driven by unbalanced hormones.

I put on most of my recent weight whilst sharing a home and business with relatives; we worked together happily most of the time, but at other times it was stressful, causing lost sleep and midnight forays to the fridge! 

Now, I am living and working with my partner in our home and feel under a lot less pressure; the time is right to get my weight and health back under control; I want to walk uphill without puffing, I want to swim, cycle, go horse-riding again, before I get too old to have some fun in my life.

I hope you too Ceriandblue can overcome these irrational cravings and look forward to a fun and exciting future!

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Well ranted, now you can get back to eating properly 😀😀 we've all been where you are. Keep going 'you know it makes sense' 

Best wishes

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You will get that cucumber craving one day - it comes eventually - if you get into fresh fruit and veg enough you do actually start craving it e.g. if you haven't had fresh stuff all day, when on holiday, etc. Although these days I just don't tempt myself with the less healthy options - they're occasional treats not store cupboard staples. You're right all those cakes don't necessarily actually taste good. I do however like the taste of cucumbers especially baby cucumbers. You can get them in Turkish shops or Asda do little packs of them. Also pickled cucumbers make a nice snack too...


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