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Alternatives to chocolate to snack on please


Ello all, 

Need some advice help please!

I snack on chocolate, by snack I mean drive to shop around the corner and buy wisps biscuits and chocolate fingers and eat the lot in one sitting. Either through boredom, worries, stress ( insert other excuses here) and have decided I HAVE to regain control over my relationship with food. My weight has increased to 16st and need to lose it! Do people have any snack ideas that they can recommend? Celery is not an option, neither is dust. 😉

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Fruit fruit and more fruit! I know it tastes no where near as good but at least you never feel hungry and you are getting closer to your goals! Good luck and keep focusing on what you want to see on the scales in next weigh in.

If you can manage to go cold turkey and cut out refined sugar for a week you will start to loose your sweet tooth, after 2 weeks I found I could walk past the chocolate isle at the supermarket without any problem at all, and this from a former one big bar of the stuff every night!

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Thank you!! 

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Agree 😊 Chocolate is so addictive. If you can bear it, try to beat the addiction and give it up, at least at the beginning. trust me, the sweet cravings will go away as long as you eat proper food at meal times, and that is the key, enough to eat so you don't need to snack 😊 Good luck!

I treat myself to Crispbread or whole grain crackers ( just 2)  and a handful of Olives or Nuts and seeds/ raisins are good too in moderation,  also I buy chocolate options drink if I really need a chocolate hit!  Good luck 

Hi zc1981 I like Snack A Jacks caramel rice cakes - the big ones are only 51 calories. I think they do chocolate flavour too. I used to be a big biscuit snacker and could not walk past the biscuit tin without having at least 2. It took me a few weeks but I allow myself 1 of the big rice cakes with my afternoon cuppa and other than that have not really touched biscuits for about 8 weeks now.  Well done for making the decision to regain control over your relationship with food - its not easy but I am sure you will find the willpower and make the change :)

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Thank you!! 

My OH can't live without chocolate, so we have to pick up a multipack each week. I try to pick up something I like, but not so much I'll want to eat it all in one go. We just buy little bars of aldi milk/white chocolate, caramel wafers, that sort of thing. This week I'm having chocolate mousses.

If I'm trying not to have chocolate, I'll have frozen raspberries, carrot and lemon, stewed apple, crackers, raisins.

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sueper5 stone


I am the same as Cooper27. I usually have about 100 cals of chocolate a day. I buy snack size bars, kitkats & fun size bars. I also buy small bags of pop corn.

The trick is to just have one & only one. I usually have mine with a coffee between 8 & 9pm.

I did wean myself off a little in the early days with fruit, sugar free jellies and weightwatchers mini rolls.

Unfortunately the old willpower comes into play and it is always a constant battle which is why we don't have sweet biscuits in the house :(

Tbh the chocolate is a problem but maybe your snacking in general is too, you need to work out how many calories you are eating each day an app like my fitness pal is good you can scan barcodes and it will give you the calorie content, it may be that you don't need to snack as much some healthy things have a great number of calories look at some of the little nut and dried fruit packs in the supermarket- you could have had a mars bar instead❗️ if you have calories left over for treats or snacks make it chocolate ever other day 2finger kitbag 107, or rocky biscuit 106, 140 cals gets you 4 squares of Cadbury Oreo choc. - maybe don't start with breaking up bars yet!  What's your first mini goal? You have to want this for yourself good luck!

I have to go cold turkey to start I cannot do just a little but unless I am really focussed with steely determination. Even mini aany things call me to eat more. 

I had lots of nuts... almond and Brazil. My first task was to give up sugar so I had nuts around and fruit and snacked whenever. 

Then I moved to giving up snacking after dinner because I set a goal to fast 16hours from dinner time overnight to about 11 the next day. Then took out snacking between lunch and dinner and now working on consistently having 18hour fast til lunchtime to avoid a snack at 11. 

So baby steps... and eat nuts and fruit to start whenever the craving comes. At this point I didn't worry about calories/how many I was having, I just wanted to kick the sugar. 

Good luck!  ☺

I find blueberries good, since you can snack on them during that dangerous time in the evening relaxing in front of the TV!

Frankie533 stone

I actually had a phase where I'd have a small slice of cooked chicken; or half a boiled egg.  Protein fills me up.

 I have seen people here say frozen grapes; you get a hit of (fruit) sugar and it's harder to eat loads of them (I would imagine).  I have eaten chocolate last two nights because I foolishly brought it into the house (for my OH, the lies we tell ourselves!) so I ate it over two nights. Anyway, not tonight and I'm going to make sure I get some decent exercise in today!  

Ok, chocolate,crisps,alcohol etc are generally crutches used to support us when other things are happening. Boredom as you have mentioned is a main one, but there are many triggers and identifying the ones that affect you most is key. I would advise that you organise a plan of campaign, like a military one. What defence strategy do you need i.e. have a hobby you can absorb yourself with when feeling a bit restless or bored. Make sure you have healthy options in, fruit is plentiful and delicious in this country and I advise you to buy little and often, no one wants to eat shrivelled, speckled fruit! Buy a jar of lowcal drinking chocolate for the times when it all becomes too much(I had one cup of this the entire Easter weekend). Plan your supermarket shop, write a list and eat BEFORE you go. Walk a different route around the store to avoid chocolate, crisps etc, supermarkets are there to part you from your cash NOT to help you lose weight! If you don't think you can steel your self to do this, there is always online shopping. Set yourself a budget and put the healthy stuff in first ie veg and fruit. Hope some of this helps you. Plan your meals, plan your shopping and plan your snacks, you can do it! x

All great ideas above.  I have a different strategy.  I really thought about what my perfect chocolate is.  For me it is a dark chocolate at least 70% but can be up to 80%.  I don't like the majority of British chocolate or American.  I am just thankful I don't live in Belgium, because I even like their white stuff!   So I can go past most displays because they show the wrong sort.   I also realised that I only like one or two of the flavoured chocolates.  So I gave up After Eights etc.  This has really helped stop eating them "because they're there".  When I go for a coffee with my friend, she has the orange choc that comes on the side of my  coffee.  If no one wants it, I give it back at the till.  Son gets all my comes-with-the-bill sweets/chocs.  If someone offers me a chocolate. I only have it if it meets my criteria.  

I have found a couple of choc biscuits I like.  But they are mostly individually wrapped which helps.  So no dark choc digestives, unless the gathering can eat the whole pack, or take the left overs with them.  

But there are days when I just have to have some.  But I can have a bar of the perfect stuff and only eat some when I must.  So I know I have one square left of emergency choc in my handbag.  Very well wrapped, so I can't smell it.  And one 100g bar hidden among my bedside books.  That is there to save Mr Flytrap, not me.  I have to have some available while making sure he doesn't eat it when he goes on munch safari in the late evenings.  

But I am so glad I worked out exactly what I wanted.  Because I am sure I used to eat lots of the lesser stuff because it wasn't quite satisfactory and I just kept on wolfing it down waiting for the enough sign to show, and it didn't because it was too sugary and milky for me and just not chocolatey enough!  

Thank you all. fab suggestions. 

Ummpeter2020 March

You sound like me! I buy different types of chocolate bars, 2 of each, so it looks like I'm buying for my kids and then I sit and eat them all. At least I did until last Friday when I decided it was time to change. 5 days without so far.

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