Calorie limit


Does anyone else on here find it difficult to stick to the 1400 cals a day?

I'm really struggling to stick to it at the moment (might explain my weight loss plateau) and I'm averaging about 1600 I think.  I seem to get too high on the cals because of fruit and nuts (only have 100 cals of nuts a day - but about 3-400 on fruit).  I can't really think of much that would be a healthy and lower cal alternative *sigh*


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11 Replies

  • Drop the nuts ;)  you only need a max of a palm full per week to maintain a healthy level of nut good stuff.  Reduce your fruit, again its a bit high in the sugar content although the jury is out on that one.  All I know is eating fructose after exercise stops the metobolic rate in its tracks ;)  Lower your carb content to veg stuff to fill you up :)

  • How are you doing TheHud ? Not seen you around for a while? You still dancing? I think of you every morning when I do my wake up morning routine 😊

  • Not doing anything currently unless you count sorting through zillions of boxes from the loft, 33 years of stuff we have dragged with us through 5 moves, 2 children, oldies and dogs, serious upsizing at each point lol  Now we are downsizing to a teeny weeny bungalow with a massive garden and view ;)  No space though :(  Yet! :)  Started on various junk drawers today.  The charity shops are doing a roaring trade and so is the dump.  .... ;)

  • Great exercise moving house!! We did same two years ago and ditched about 3/4 of our possessions, very therapeutic 😊 Hope you are keeping well and taking good care of yourself, 😊 Best wishes x

  • I agree with TheHud, reduce the nut intake, chances are, you don't need them. 

    Replace fruit for veg - less sugar = less carbs and veg is higher in fibre which will make you feel fuller so you may not feel the need to snack on those nuts!

    1400 kcal should be achievable and if you add some more excercise, 1600 wouldn't be over the top either... 😊

    Best of luck!

  • 1400 isn't that many calories and it can be difficult to stick to 😕 Are you sure this is enough for you based on your BMR? I eat between 1200-1500. 

    Everyone has their own way of doing things so you need to decide what swaps to make to suit you, for example I rarely breakfast cereal, prefer toast and egg, both about 250 cals 😊  I also rarely eat meat in the evenings, prefer a vegetarian option 😊 I find a veggie lasagne more filling than say, for example, chicken breast with salad or veg. 

    It takes a while to get into the swing of things, and find maximum "fill me up-ness" 😕 Soup is good 😊 And lots of veg in a casserole, carrots in the mash etc 😊 

    Good luck! 😊

  • Thanks for the replies.  It's easy to get a bit fed up with it all I suppose, and I really just want to be healthy (and I also really want to lose another 9lbs).

    I've started the couch to 5k and that should help and today I have actually managed 1400 cals.  I will take your suggestions on board, but I do enjoy my daily handful of nuts....

  • It's about balance . . . I don't eat much meat so like a few nuts 😊

  • Same here, it's something I really look forward to - I have cashews with raisins every day and I love them....  mmm.....  

    I think I need to review my tactics....

  • Remember if you up the exercise you should up the calories too 😊 I seriously struggled when I got exercise bike, back up to 1400-1500 now and much happier 😊 

  • I would definitely find that difficult!

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