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Yo-Yo Mamma - trying to remember calories

Hi there

Trying to count calories for the first time in years!  

I'm a habitual dieter; eat when I'm happy and when I'm sad - so I can't win! I usually am a Slimming World goer, but am spending a fortune on going each week/month/year without the results.  

This time I'm not weighing myself at all, which is kinda liberating and means no 'weigh-in day treats'! Using the My Fitness Pal, along with advice from here, and everywhere. 

I am very overweight, and have miles to go before I'm anywhere near done with dieting, but my first target is just being able to wear my clothes without showing all the lumpy bits. I'm quite happy to lose steady and sensibly.   

Good Luck Everyone!

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I'm using my net diary as that calculates my step but what ever works for you lol good luck xx

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Personally it wouldn't work for me I need to weigh in regularly - daily if you like but use it for curiosity don't let it bother you (easier said than done- but it should just be a thing not something you get upset or disappointed by (okay you are allowed elation) No such thing as weigh day treats - treat yourself every day if you want but you keep it within your allowance, one of the ladies on the weigh in had a big number to go and she is overhalf way there read some of moreless posts they are pretty inspirational Good luck and hang on in  


If you aren't going to weigh yourself perhaps you would prefer a tape measure? Or favourite clothes? I need to see the change But it can be quite a small change to make us feel better 😊

Good luck! 

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Hello, im in the same boat as you. Just left slimming wold a few months ago as it wasn't for me so I'm doing it on here and counting calories, so far too good and have lost 9lb in three weeks bringing my total loss since Jan 2015 to 3st 1lb. Had a few ups and downs along the way and i foresee loads more but I'm  not giving up. good luck


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