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Oh what a horrid week

Hi Everyone,

This has been a horrid week or should I say part last week into this.

My Uncle was diagnosed with first stage diementia lucky there are enough of us to help keep him at home.  One day out of my week to go pick him up, spend sometime at mine, cook his tea and then take him home settle him down is nothing compared to what he did for me.

Then a very good friend rang to tell me she went for her mammagram only for them to find a very tiny lump, that was cancer confirmed, 4th May she has it removed and then 2 weeks each day of radiotherapy. Lucky just the lump removed and for the fantastic NHS checks.

My daughter went for her pre med over 13st bmi 35 only just under 5ft and the nurse said "your not obese" well yes she is, now we are fighting due to silly nurse, it was bad enough before trying to get her to take action on her weight now it even worse.

Then to top it off my personal trainer at the gym is leaving to go work on cruise ship. My first one I paid him £50 only for the next day him to leave with my money never to be seen again and no gym's are not responsible, now my second one is leaving for a better job.  Now have contact with 3 trainers just waiting for their prices so can decide which one to use. £25- £60 for a 1hr session and a 4 wk programme ouch.

Please lets get a better week.

Good luck 


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Oh Wendy that sounds like a very horrid week you have had. I am so sorry for you. Sometimes life is just not fair. I really hope that the rest of the week is less stressful for you and you can have a more restful bank holiday weekend.


Oh no 😕 What a horrid week 😕 Fingers crossed things pick up for you 😊


Aww bless this has been awful for you. Make sure you stay positive and about your plan ...remind yourself that staying focused will help you support the others that need you and good luck x


As they say, it never rains it pours. I was once told that all horrible things happen in threes. Probably a load of nonsense but I have noticed it usually does. So hopefully all the bad news behind you now. I know when I am stressed out my positive way of eating usually hits the dust. Sad really when it is the time we need it most. I'm sorry you having a horrible week and I hope something good happens to cheer you up. x


Oh poor you.  You are running out of spaces to retreat to!  Not sure Mums ever win with adult children's weight issues. Mine didn't and I haven't.  So I have learned to just step back.  Now he's doing it himself.  You've nearly sorted out the trainer and your friend has her treatment plan.  It even sounds like you already know what you'll be doing with Uncle.  There's just world peace and hunger to manage and we'll let you go home to rest!  Hope the rest of the day was a bit more cheerful and you had a good day, today.


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