Just Joined a Gym - lol 😷😷😷

In an effort to up my kms for the 20,000 leagues challenge & reduce my inches for the say yes to the dress challenge I have just joined a gym 😷

Ok, now we've all stopped laughing it was ok. I did about an hour and racked up a fair few miles on a nice exercise bike I could almost lie down on - this is how I like to exercise! Who knew you could go so far so quickly!

I have recently condensed my working week so I now do my full time hours over 4 days which means I no longer work on a Tuesday - woo hoo! Hubby couldn't have the day off today so off to the gym I went.

It is a NHS gym so no posers which is great and it's cheap.

I probably won't go often but I did enjoy myself so I will try to squeeze in a visit once a week and keep up my walking which I enjoy. Also it doesn't open Saturday pm or Sundays so not perfect. Any suggestions on how I can persuade my hubby to join would be greatly received 😏

Any advice on how far I should cycle etc all welcome. And if anyone knows how fast on a treadmill I'd need to go to run that would be great. I got up to 5.5 miles per hour. The lady next to me was on 6 but not running. I'd like to brave a little run soon!

Let's hope this kick starts a few inches off!


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31 Replies

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  • Crumbs Sue, you're going for it in a big way! You did really well for your first trip! :)

    I have no idea how fast you need to go to run, I guess it depends how long your legs are! :D I'm pretty sure you can jog slowly and walk fast, so it would be up to you to decide when you wanted to bounce, instead of stride ;) Why not download the c25K pod and experiment? :)

    I like the idea of those recumbent bikes, they must be easier on the bum bones! :)

    You could always tell your hubby that Liz Hurley, or similar had joined your gym ;)

    Bye bye inches and hello kilometers! :)

  • My worry is that if I bounce the whole gym may bounce too! I know it can sound loud on a treadmill even if you're slim. Can't decide if it is more embarrassing to try to run in the gym or on the road?!

    The recumbent bike was great for my poor old knee - I tried the normal type but I just can't bend my knee enough.

    Hubby didn't say no when I mentioned it on the phone so we'll see :)

  • If you've got a bad knee Sue, then running is probably not the way to go. I would think the impact and jarring would make it really painful and inflamed, walking is much less likely to aggravate an existing condition. 

  • It's a bending issue - could be because my legs are so big still? I will get it checked by the GP before I do too much :)

  • Please do. My daughter had to give up running because of  the damage it did to her knees. There is a condition "runner's knee", I've never heard of "walker's knee" :)

  • I think I have "fat bird's knee"!

  • LOL!!! Wonder why it's confined to one knee though? :D

  • Maybe it's the fatter one? I'd like to get it sorted as it is an issue getting out of the bath.

  • I hope it's something easily fixable  :)

  • that's great, i love the gym, once i'd braved the 1st visit i was well into it, can't help with advice on running as i have to stick to low impact stuff but still have lots of equipment i can use, have you tried the cross trainer, more than walking, not quite running. have fun

  • Thanks :) I did 5 minutes on the cross trainer - never been on one before, it was ok.

    I don't really want to run much just give it a try. I am generally sticking with low impact stuff too :)

  • Woo Hoo 😊 Well done you 😊 And greatvthatbyounare enjoying it. As a new convert to exercise, I am surprised how addictive it is 😊 

    I can't help you on specifics, but I try to do two 30 minute sessions a day, I do about 5-10 km on the exercise bike, (anything from 10-20 minutes) plus some stretches and some of the Strength and Flex exercises, then an afternoon brisk walk if the weather is good. If I can I also do some yoga 😊 

     I would think 5.5 mph is just about running!!! When I have trained for sponsored walks (in the dim and distant past) they advocate a minimum speed of 4 mph. 

    Good luck 😊

  • Thanks Anna. On the road I walk at about 3mph but would like to be a little faster.

    I did really enjoy it today :)

    Sounds like you're fitting a lot in - I used to really enjoy yoga but have lost my mojo a bit. May have to dig out the dvd.

  • I am only working part time from home at the moment so can easily find time, not so easy for those out at work full time 😊 my current walking speed is about 4 km an hour, 2 1/2 mph but gradually increasing 😊 And like someone else said, I purposely include hills and steps 😊 We live near a Cliff top path that has a steep set of steps, 48 to be exact, and I can now do it in one! 😊

    Good luck with the yoga, it's my little treat to myself ❀️ 

  • I am sure I'd be super fit if I didn't work - who am I kidding lol!

    I have been gradually increasing my speed too. Getting to 4mph would be fab.

    Well done for getting up those steps in one - I set myself a similar goal with a big local hill, got there eventually :)

    It is good to treat yourself - especially if it is with yoga :D

  • It's a great feeling isn't it? My weight has been kind of static, (too many birthdays and weekends away etc ) so I am concentrating on improving fitness 😊 

    Enjoy the gym! 😊

  • Ditto!

    I am not sure if the slow and steady I am on is working - it is very slow. But I'm keeping at it :)

  • I'd sit on the couch watching Jeremy Kyle and eating biscuits, LOL!

  • Ditto!

  • That is a great way to get your exercise in, without it feeling too much at one go.

  • Hi Sueper.... Did I hear right you would like to try a little run...? 😊 I can help! Don't think of running as necessarily being about speed. When I started couch to 5k the 1 minute running bits were essentially the same sort of speed as the walking bits. You just need to focus on the motion of it. If you can increase the incline a little on the treadmill that might help you get a bit more feeling of resistance, then you can sort of lean in and lift your legs a bit more into a run. Everyone on the couch to 5k forum advocates keeping it slow to begin with, slow is definitely best! Some people do couch to 5k on the treadmill, and loads of people adapt it, e.g. repeating weeks to do it more gradually, starting with 20seconds of running with walking breaks, rather than the 1min set out in the programme. So go for it! Find your own way, keep it gradual, enjoy 😊

  • Hi Ruth,

    Yes, you did hear right but just a little one. I ran 1 mile when I was 14 years old - forced to do it in school and of course I was last. So 31 years later I'd love to do it without nearly dying etc. Would be good to be fitter than my 14 year old self :)

    Thanks for the great advice, I will certainly increase the incline. I may also listen to the couch to 5k. It felt good being able to increase the speed on the treadmill and focus on the movement without watching out for the usual hazards when walking.

    If I run for more that 5 seconds I will be sure to share :D

  • I was always last in the school sports day runs and they usually coincided with my birthday being the last day of the summer term 😞 I'm sure lots of us have traumatic running memories. Definitely time to re-write the script and get up to speed still 😊 Good luck! Looking forward to hearing all your progress news 😊 I posted after every single run when I started couch to 5k, so don't feel shy about sharing!

  • What a horrible way to spent your birthday :(

    I will be sure to post if I manage any sort of run - I do run to the car when it rains so that is progress :D

  • Well done! I still have to work up the courage to join a gym! 😎

    Happy exercising, and yay to no posers. 😊

  • Thanks. I have been wanting to do it for a while. The Β£7.50 (per year) fee was a big motivator :)

    Hope you find the courage soon and that it is poser free too πŸ˜Š

  • Β£7.50 a year??!! Blimey, I'd join for that price!! :o

  • Agreed. My local gym is over Β£40. A month! 

  • Aarrgghh!!! That's horrendous!!! I'm waiting until I turn 60 and then I'll get concession rates and I'll be able to use my bus pass to get there! :D

  • Yay, well done on joining the gym Sueper, I hope hubby joins too, we have quite a few married couples at our gym.

    As for running, I started out several weeks ago on the treadmill (way too shy to take it outside just yet) and my speed is an embarrassing 4mph!

    I also advocate taking it steady until you are sure your knee can cope with it, maybe wear a support bandage or something to test it out.

    I am doing C25K and the first couple of weeks took me a lot longer to complete than a fitter person, but now I am more or less doing a C25K week within a week instead of two, LOL, so it does get easier.

    The recumbent bike is marvellous and it really helped to get me going at the start as it was more or less the only thing I could do.

    I like to do a little bit on everything to avoid boredom - that and audio books!

    Have fun and take it steady at first!

  • Thanks LTL.

    Hubby said he'll take a look when we have a week off in May!! #shocked!

    Thanks for sharing your speed - it does help to know what others have done. I remember at 14 years old taking 14 minutes to run a mile so that must have been about 4 and a bit mph. I am going to try to do 6mph walking on the treadmill - will try one mile non-stop at that speed and then I will think about running.

    I will see my GP first as I want to sort my knee out and then I may brave the C25K.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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