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Will a notice a stone differance

Hi there . 

I am a 22 year old female . 

My height it 5,6 and weight 11.11 . 

I have six weeks to loose a stone for my holiday . 

Is a stone a noticeable weight differance ? Will I look different and loose my belly ? 

I have a been looking online for one stone eight differance to motivate myself but can't find anything . 

Thanks :) 

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Hi, I started the NHS weight loss plan 8wks ago at 12st9lb and am now 11st8lb and have lost 2 and a half inches off my tummy.....so yes it can be done!! 

All my clothes were hanging off me so had to buy a few bits from primark so I can show off my weight loss. 

Not to be big headed but I've had lots of compliments and I feel so much better 😀 

All I've done is made better snaking choices, kept under my calorie allowance of 1400, had smaller portions, drank more water and done some exercise, which is mostly doing over 6000 steps a day and an occasional work out dvd when I have time.

Good luck. Keep thinking bikini and you will achieve your goals 😀

Claire x 


Hello frankishandy 

Everyone loses weight in different ways so it is impossible to be specific. However, if you feel uncomfortable at your current weight then go for it, although a stone in 6 weeks is quite a rapid loss. 

I would suggest exercise might be more beneficial as you are not too far over the ideal weight for your height, especially if it is abdominal fat you are trying to lose. lots of research suggests waist measurement is a better indicator of health than BMI, it should be less than half your height. Ie 5'6" =66" = waist less than 33". 

Good luck, 


My rule of thumb - is 10 pound drops you a clothes size


I wish Suzy! That would put me in a size 12, but I'm currently between an 18 and a 20! For me, each size is 1.5st :(

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I have gained a stone recently and can definitely tell the difference so I'm sure you will when you lose it! Good luck 

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Hi I am 5ft 7in and weighed 11 stone 10 at the start (but quite a bit older than you which will make a difference). I have now lost 11 pounds and can really see the difference. Clothes are feeling looser and I can certainly climb the stairs easier. However this took me about 8 weeks and still got 3lb to go till I reach a stone. I have been doing toning up exercises to help with stomach issues too and that is starting to make a difference.  So I guess the answer from me is yes I think a stone would make a difference but maybe 6 weeks is not such a realistic goal. I think if you do lots of exercise at the same time I am sure you will see a noticeable difference by your holiday even if you don't reach a stone loss. Best of luck :)


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