Hi! I need take control of my body again - I have chronic fatigue which means I struggle to exercise (but have started weekly ice skating lessons). 

I work full time and so I need to conserve, often add, energy, and I feel extremely unwell if I don't add oils to my diet.

I want to get fitter and thinner as steroids for ulcerative colitis have made me 4 stone overweight....... Here goes! 


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  • Hi there and welcome.  I only joined yesterday with a need to get control over my weight.  I don't have any condition contributing to it though.  You've made a start so keep going.  Do what you can and possibly check in with your doctor.  Porridge is a great source of energy.  If I'm doing anything strenuous it's a must, and I generally start the day with it.  Good luck!

  • Hi Fran, thanks so much - and great tip re porridge, would never have occurred to me but I really enjoy it and it's so easy! Good luck to you too - keep in touch, Claire :)

  • Diet is key, lots of water based veg, protein in moderate amounts and whole foods, I have mild bi polar and at times feel very tired ( excessive to normal sleep), I think you just need to go with stuff, well done for working full time too.

    Such things as omelettes and salad are fab, quick, easy and can be low cal too, great fan of eggs myself too.

  • I've got myself some tubs to take on the road with me (I travel a lot by car for work) so I can eat little and often, keep my energy quite constant if I can....

    Really hoping this is a good plan!

    Thanks for the nod re working full time, it genuinely means a lot and is lovely to hear :)  

  • Ps keep in touch! Always easier with friends to talk to! :) 

  • Well done you for braving the ice skating lessons :-) You'll not only be burning off the calories, but toning up those legs and your bum in no time!!

  • Thank you! It is scary out there on the ice but amazing at the same time! X

  •  Good luck, great that you are taking control. Go slowly and steadily and you will get there! 

  • Thank you, good advice - a day at a time will feel less of a nightmare than thinking about the whole burden (or trying to make it happen too quickly) x

  • I love skating - such good fun and it doesn't even feel like exercise... Enjoy each day and plan lots of nice (low cal) food!

  • Sounds v v v sensible and doable :) the skating is insanely hard but the most fun ever! 

  • Hi, well done on starting the ice skating that is a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time. NICE recommends, for the treatment of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)  a tailored programme of exercise alongside cognitive behavioural therapy. Have you spoken to your GP about this? It could be that they could sort out a programme for you which may give you something to aim for. Good luck with weight loss.

  • I've got a really nice GP who is referring me to a specialist as a starting point - hopefully they can help.... I know it sounds silly but I hadn't realised there was a NICE guide re my condition, I will look that up and make sure I get all that I can support wise. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction :) 

  • Ps re the cognitive, I was really fortunate to attend the expert patient programme which helps me to control my frustration at the illness... I came away with an "it is what it is, but there is still stuff you can do" approach. That coupled with a few years of therapy for other issues (PTSD) has really helped me to stay grounded. Mostly. Some days I could scream, but they are few and far between. I do miss my life and my body, but I need to be kind to myself :)

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