Week 14

This week: weight change -0.25lbs waist change -1" 1920cal/day, 57min activity/day

Hardly any weight change, but not surprising after last week's -5.5lb. Also this week I've eaten much more than previous weeks, I've been hungry. Great news about the 1" waist loss, I'd not lost anything off my waist for 5 weeks. Perhaps the Inulin is helping? but I've also started doing some special waist exercises. Still no gym because of my knee. I'm going to keep the calories lower this week and see what happens. 


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6 Replies

  • Eat food that is high protein / low carb with lots of fruit and veg (within calorie limits) to find the best way to feel full.  Any carbs should be with skins on (veg) or wholemeal / wholewheat (cereal and pasta) as high fibre foods will take longer to digest.  Drink plenty of water or fruit teas and have some emergency snacks to hand, like dried fruit & low-cal soups.  Great about the inch off your waist!

  • Thanks DD, great advice. My midday meals on weekdays are tasty John Lewis low-cal ready meals (250-450cals). The only bad thing about them, as with most processed food, is the high salt content. I've lost 5" off my waist, another 7" to go.

  • Maybe homecooking, fridge/ freeze one portion?

  • I'd like to Diana, but I don't have the time. The JL food is pretty good, most of the boxes in the food label are green.

  • You must feel a busy man, I tend to cook most of the time, although I've been known to buy boxed salad when my bi polar is bad, it just too much to reheat anything then.

  • Hi @Diana

    I'm with you on the batch cooking or freezing left overs for a quick easy meal at other times. I love making soups which I find very therapeutic, but have the advantage of being wholesome too.

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