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Week 4 - and I've lost a little bit more :)

Ok, I had a slow week this week ... busy at work, hum drum at home, so I wasn't as 'disciplined' as I should be. Hands up, I picked when bored and sometimes didn't even bother. Then I caught a vision of myself in my bedroom mirror. Granted I was sitting down, which enlarges all the lumps and bumps, but it made me feel awful. I looked at myself and just said to myself - what are you doing? Pull yourself together, it's only been a few weeks ... so that's what I did. I'm not sure if you are the same, but when I am being good, I also feel good - which lifts my mood. It's a shame I didn't remember this when I was feeling low.

Come this morning, I was back on the scales for my weekly weigh in ... and I had a loss! A small one, but a loss ... the scales said I had lost 1.75lb, and I am definitely going to count that .75lb!

Back on track and hoping you are all progressing well too.

So, progress to date:

Week 0: 21st 9lbs

Week 1: 21st 3lbs (6lb loss)

Week 2: 21st 1lbs (2lb loss)

Week 3: 20st 13lb

(2lb loss)

Week 4: 20st 11.25lb (1.75lb loss) - not quite the 2lb I aimed for, but close enough.

Now, all I need to do is get my head back in to the right mode, and look forward to next weeks weigh-in.

Sending smiles :)

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Wow, you are doing so well and I would definitely count that .75lb!

Keep up the good work, even when having a difficult time of it, somehow when everything else is out of control, at least your eating can be. 

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Oh crumbs Sue, I'd be glad of the 0.75lbs, without the one in front of it! :)

You're doing brilliantly! :)

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Well done Sue - even with a picky week you have lost so you must have been eating better and moving more?  Just remind yourself of how much easier life will be when you are not carrying all those cans of beans in weight up and down the stairs!  Certainly well worth the effort.


Well done you 😊 Not far away from your first stone off 😊 

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