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Start of Week 30 … Doing OK

I am still struggling around a certain stone barrier. I am not gaining weight, nor losing any more and have been at this particular weight now for several weeks. I am not complaining, just a little frustrated I cannot seem to lose those last few pounds to get myself in my ideal zone. In my own little perfect world I need to lose another seven pounds and ideally another 14, then I would be as happy as Geoffrey, Bungle, Zippy, and George off Rainbow. Maybe not as annoying as Zippy though.

Overall I am eating much healthier than previously and walking regularly, although the last couple of weeks has seen a slip in exercise due to my new job. That will settle down when I get myself sorted. I also realise it is about the “new you” rather than the number on the scales, but still I would like to lose a little more.

May be I need to focus a little.

Keep the encouragement coming, and keep singing even if it is the Rainbow theme music … do.do.do.do.do.do.do.do.do.do … do.do.do.do.do …

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I get that feeling too, I'm just a few pounds away from ideal bmi, I seem to gain without reason at times, being of 'certain age and awkward hormones' seems about right, even if dies annoy me.

Be strong, be positive and enjoy life, we see all do much more than a number


Argh, thanks for the ear-worm!

It is often those last few pounds that are the hardest to get off.  Once things have settled down at work, I think switching up your exercise would be a good idea.  What do you do currently?  Is there something new you would like to try?


I walk about an hour a day for four out the five work days each week.  This is usually enough to get through the 150 minutes each week.  My issue is because I am in a hotel each day I am no longer doing my walks in the morning and by the evening I am usually tired.  I will endeavour though.


You will be extra tired due to the new job, too, I guess.

I am sure you will get into it once things settle down, you have done very well so far :)


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