Looking for my lost determination!

I'm quite surprised to find myself here, as I've always had a fairly stable weight (outside of pregnancies and child birth), but after I stopped breastfeeding my twins, my weight has crept up and I'm finding it hard to shift. I've never "dieted" before. If I needed to lose weight, I'd just up my regular exercise and go for a couple of runs a week and the weight would drop off. No more!

I've been hovering around the 8st 12lb mark for the last six months, lose a pound or two and instantly put it back on again. I've clearly lost control of portion size as, since I've been counting calories this week, I'm eating a lot less than I would have done.

Anyway, after half a week of being reasonably strict (trying to stay around the 1200 calories mark using Myfitnesspal), I've lost a pound and am 8st 11lb. I'm of to the gym for a run now to keep up my motivation and determination!

My goal is back to my "normal" weight of 7st 12lb.


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  • That's about my goal weight Rozee but have a lot more to shift than you (3.5 stone!) You've got off to a great start and you'll find plenty of support on here. There's a Newbie post you should look at, I'd post a link but it doesn't seem to work. Perhaps one of the admins, moreless will? Anyway welcome and good luck! X

  • Thanks, Jem. What are your strategies for losing weight? I've never had to watch calories before, but, that said, we had a horrible Winter here in Wales and I ate a lot more chocolate in the evenings (and drank a lot more gin!) I', really surprised how the weight has crept up - or how hard it is to shift it. I blame my age, I'm in my late 40s now! :)

  • I'm in my early 40's but the weight piled on with medication. I've changed meds and am doing the NHS 12 week weight loss plan...week 4 starts today. So basically calorie counting, not much sugar but the odd G&T like you and a treat here and there! I still eat out but count it and make allowances on other days. You've still got to live! What part of beautiful Wales are you in? I lived for a few years in the north and love it there. Weight does get harder to shift I believe with age but it's not impossible! Exercise is important too if you can. I manage a gentle gym workout. Best of luck to you Rozee x

  • The older you get the more complications there seem to be getting in the way of staying a healthy weight! Stress, pregnancy, long hours, illness and meds, other pressures on your time, comfort eating - and drinking!

    I'm trying really hard to prioritise my exercise because, when I do, I feel so much better about myself. I try to go running in the beautiful woodlands that surround our home in Pembrokeshire. (I can't run on the road, it kills my joints!) Weather is so changeable though, that I also try to get to the gym. I really lost my exercise mojo over the Winter (everyone gets depressed here. It rained in biblical proportions!). I've a better routine now and am running about twice a week of late. I go with the dog or my son, who's nine. He doesn't run as much as me, but happy to be out with the hound and listening to his music.

    Yesterday, I had (oven) fish and chips for tea, but managed to stay around my target calories because I'd been for a run in the gym and burned 350 calories there :)

    How was yesterday for you?

  • Yesterday was good thanks Rozee, it was just today that's gone to pot! My best friend visited and we really indulged in food but I'm not going to dwell on it. If I keep going tomorrow I think I can still get a loss this week :-).  How have you done today?  I will gym the rest of the week. I used to run but fibro and knee problems are getting in the way but I hope losing some weight will make it easier. How far and how long do you run for? It's great your boy goes with you. Hope you have a good day tomorrow x

  • Saving grace was running for twenty minutes whilst my twins (aged 6) biked it in wobbly fashion to the local wildlife reserve.

    I'm not the greatest runner, but can manage 4 or 5k twice a week.

  • Yep I second that I am in late 40's too and its taking longer to lose this time than ever before. Just trying to stick to about 1200 - 1300 calories a day and up the exercise.  Seem to be losing about 1lb a week so although its slow at least I am losing it bit by bit. You will get there :)

  • My mum's had a stroke and I'm stressed. I've hit the G&Ts! These things are sent to try us x

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