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Sunday Breakfast

Good morning all, Its been a hectic weekend for me but managed to do my Saturday weigh in. This week I have lost 1.4 pounds. So still losing and I think now if I have calculated correctly definately ahead of my target, yippee!  I have never given up my sunday breakfast since losing weight which consists of.........1grilled quorn sausage & tomato, 2 rashers of  (fat removed) grilled bacon, a table spoon of baked beans, dry pan fried mushrooms, scrambled egg  and either a toasted crumpet or a slice of toast, along with a cappuccino skinny. Never counted the calories, just enjoyed it. Then  a little later go for an hours walk. No lunch Sunday as always feel stuffed for ages but, if I feel hungry I grab a piece of fruit, and drink lots of water. I am very concious of a healthy dinner time  later on in the evening. Despite all that I have continued to lose weight.  So we don't have to go without our favourite things, but just be sensible of  a healthy plate.  This healthy eating certainly has worked for me , along with exercise. I do want to encourage everyone not to give up with what they enjoy, but just in moderation. A positive mind is a helpful tool to get through the tough times, and we all have those.  Well hope you all have a good positive,& successful week. 

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couldn't agree with you more!


I think I would give up if I couldn't have a little of what I fancy and also our bodies seem to need it too. I've been going off the car-like 'fuel' our body analogy as we're not cars and are complicated, emotional people who psycologically need a treat although that said we should be aware of healthy portions and limits!


Agree totally. What a lovely inspiring post. 😊 

Onwards and downwards


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