Nothing to wear!!!

I signed up to the challenge 'Say Yes to the Dress, Jeans etc' planning to slim into a skirt which I've never worn, but is too small. Today I panicked.

We've been to a family Christening, but as usual, the best laid plans went belly up when the sunny weather turned wintery instead. What can I wear?

I rooted out the planned dress but the weather was too cold to wear without some form of cover up, so decided that I could wear the jacket from my 'interview suit'. Didn't fit well at all and on closer investigation realised it was two sizes too big?? I tried the skirt I was planning to slim into hoping that maybe, this would sort of fit. Shock, horror - that's too big as well (either that or the elastic in the waistline has perished...

Now what do you do?  I ended up having to wear an outfit which I've worn to work a few times instead. Not exactly glamorous, but needs must.

Now I'm back, I've now got the dilemma of trying to find a new suit - the old one was lovely and really flattering, but not any more. I've also got the issue of whether to try and put new elastic into the waist band of the skirt.

I shouldn't complain really, as dropping 3 dress sizes since starting my weight loss journey (albeit a bit up and down) is a real plus.

I still want to get back into the flying jacket, but now I've got to find another item of clothing to slim into. I suppose I'll just have to go shopping now?! Happy Days. :-)


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16 Replies

  • What a WONDERFUL  dilemma to have! I prescribe retail therapy for you :)  Enjoy your new 'slimmer' week! x

  • Thanks Bingbong10429 I feel really motivated now!!

  • What a fabulous day that turned out to be, clothes-wise.  Slimming out of clothes is so unusual we never think of it as an option.  I can tell you are not a hoarder, or you would be up in the attic, "shopping" for an old favourite to wow them in at work.   All the supermarkets do reasonable cheap clothes and there are always TK Max, etc plus those eternal sales for cheap and cheerful summery clothes.  After all, you won't want more investment pieces till you settle on your ideal weight.  

  • You're right about the hoarding, although that hasn't always been the case. You know you have to part company with items when you can't squeeze the next size up into the wardrobe or chest of drawers. I suppose watching all those programmes about hoarding and de-cluttering your home/life spurs you into taking action, especially when it's been years since you've worn something - more than 10 years in many of my items which I've past on.

    Anyway, onwards and downwards as the saying goes - oh, and a tinsey bit of retail therapy.....

  • Congrats- No to the elastic it will never look the same again! 

  • I think you could be right about the elastic. My needlework is getting better, but to ruin a brand new skirt isn't a worth the risk.

  • Superb! ;-) ! Why not rewarding yourself with something new... it could be second hand, if you don't mind. And perhaps it saves you some real pennies for something else. I definitely would go for a reward :-)  

  • Actually I'm quite partial to visiting the old charity shops. I've picked up some really good buys as a result, as there are a number of well known stores which pass on end of lines to some charities to sell through their shops. Plus, there's always the person who has only managed to get a few wears out of a good quality piece of clothing before either losing or gaining weight and passing this on to a charity shop to help raise funds. A bit like me really. :-)

  • Well done you! May not be glamorous but Asda has some great bargains - especially if you aren't planning on keeping it long.

    Hope you find something else to slim into :)

  • Maybe a thong? The cheese wire effect may keep me moving downwards instead of outwards?! LOL

  • 😷

  • A lot of my Asda clothes are less than a fiver just sorted some tee shirts for my hols I bought last year-  £1 I got loads of stuff in the sainsburys £1 sale too

  • I try to squeeze into a size smaller and then wear until it is a size too big so I get 3 sizes worth of wear. If you can do that for £1 you're laughing :D

    I've got a few bits from Sainsburys too Prin, definitely worth a rummage in the supermarkets :)

  • Roll on Friday night shopping at Tesco then.....

  • I am a little the clothes are baggy now (good I guess)...I look like someone who's clothes don't look quite right....My shape has changed...but my brain hasn't caught up yet.....!

  • Hi miamia It is weird isn't it? You feel a real scruff and can't see that this is a positive change as you've lost weight. Even more annoying is that when you look in the mirror, you don't notice the change in size or shape..

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