One for the girls

Seriously lads this is just one for the girls. So I'm the end of week three heading into week four and i made a deliberate decision half way through the week not to do my Sunday weigh in today because....why weigh the bloat? Yes, I've stuck to three meals a day with my fruit and veg and yes the monthly chocolate monster came a calling and I said yes (mostly) in moderation but I'm not suicidal so I'm skipping the potentially soul destroying weigh in and look forward to next Sunday for a more realistic view on what I've achieved. Have a good week everyone. 


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8 Replies

  • Oh, I know that feeling.  The week before, I don't lose a gram and just want to eat junk - really tough!  Hope you have a better week next week.

  • What a sensible idea.  Good luck for next week's weigh in.

  • I believe I'm having a phantom period in sympathy for you as I have similar symptoms☺

  • LOL! Love it. Well the good news it should pass u by in a few days...if not then see your doctor😉

  • Very wise! X

  • Greetings, i think this is a wise decision. better not to know than torture yourself if the result is a gain. We know that realistically retention can be as much as 5lb so better to stay on plan and weigh next week. I know that so many times i have felt great, been doing great and the scales have let me down and my mood has plummeted. Its a brave decision doing what your doing but its the right one for sanity. 

  • Hear, Hear!

  • Full sympathy from me too, give yourself permission to take it easy - stock up on the low cal jellies in case of emergency!  

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