Not a good week

Well ,am disheartened completely today. It has been a hard week what with work , family and other stuff have been over my calories almost every day ok not by much but I bought bread and the toast fairy has been challenging me. only managed 2 days at gym and 1 of them was not good ended up sore after. Then today been away and had biscuits , cake etc .Must be 2000 + cals lost count after the 4 piece of toast this morning Thank god no weigh in tomoro and hope he can help me get back on track this week Please away in 2 weeks with girls for weekend and wont be counting then.


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4 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you have had a bad week. Sometimes life takes over and its just not possible to stick to the plan. Hope you can get back on track this week and you can look forward to your girly weekend away :)

  • Don't get disheartened....just move on and see how tomorrow goes.  Decide on what you are eating tomorrow and even try small changes like walking that bit extra. I know from experience that getting down about things just results in more comfort eating.  Allow the bread just country it in. I have found that by planning more really makes the difference between a good day and a  rubbish one. Give it your best and enjoy the weekend with friends.  

  • Ive had weeks like that, I think we all do so don't be too hard on yourself. If u look at your calories over a week and divide by 7 you might find its not as bad as u think. Plan for the long journey rather than day by day and enjoying holidays becomes a bit easier. Hope u have a great time on your weekend away! 

  • I never thot of doing that with calories forweek ,might be ok then .Thanks

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