Prince Mini Challenge

Prince Mini Challenge

Hello FizzyLiz and fellow submariners 

I'm not sure this'll count as much, but I haven't got a lot of purple clothes (I seem to have a lot of crimson but nothing popping-red either!), but I found an old eden project t-shirt I'd define as purple. Also featuring in my photo is my fruit salad topped with raspberries.

Do I qualify for an extra 100km or even 300km? :) 

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  • Great!

  • Hi Foodie,

    Fantastic pic! As far as I'm concerned, that merits an extra 300K, but FizzyLiz will have the final say :)

  • Definitely 300kms. Well done Foodie and thanks for joining us in the mini challenge 😊😊

  • Thank you :-)

    I'm hoping the next one will have a more positive inspiration ;-)

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