Need to lose weight before next embryo transfer πŸ™πŸ»

Need to lose weight before next embryo transfer πŸ™πŸ»


So recently I have gone through one and a half years of IVF. One fresh cycle and two frozen transfers. I was a little on the heavy side to start but after three failed transfers I have really packed on the pounds. I am now 11.10 which is really pushing the BMI limit for treatment.  We plan to go ahead with next frozen embryo transfer September time and I really want to get back to 9.5 before we start the cycle.  Hoping joining here will give me the motivation to do so πŸ˜€. 


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7 Replies

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  • Hi MrsNB and welcome to this very friendly forum. There is always with hints, tips or just a little tlc πŸ˜€

    I really feel for your story, took me over a yr to conceive my first child, ended up doing ovulation tests etc, then stopped at got too much and got preg. Not the same as you but was still stressful enough.

    A lot of us are doing the NHS 12wk plan and it is really good, full of information and it WORKS!! I have lost a stone in 7 wks, but not only that my tummy has shrunk (not quite flat but I can see my toesπŸ˜€πŸ˜€) and I feel fantastic x

    I am now following u too so we can follow each others journey.

    Good luck.

    Claire x 

  • Thanks so much for your reply.....I'll take a look at the 12 week plan sounds fantastic.  You've given me some inspiration thank you! 


  • You have defiantly made a good choice πŸ˜€ we'll be here for u every step (if you need it!?) If you need any advice on your weight loss plan just post a message. It's basically portion control, calorie counting  (use my fitness pal to log food and drink) you'll be amazed how many calories are in things. I aim for no more than 1300 calories and have seen great results and upping the exercise ... even house work or walking more helps. Anyway, I ramble on ... a lot 😊, good luck.

    Claire x 

  • Hi MrsNB. I really hope that you will be able to use the 12 week plan to help you lose the weight you need to. This forum is great for support and advice. If I feel like I am going off track then I come on here and spend some time reading posts and it soon motivates me again.  I am very sorry to hear of your struggle with IVF that must be very difficult for you. Hope you find your motivation and get where you need to be :)

  • Thank you!! Considering the support I'm receiving already I know I made the right decision to join. πŸ™‚

  • Great quote by the way!

  • Wow, that is motivation, isn't it?  Hope your less stressful summer lets you build your health and gives you your success in the Autumn.  I think you will have to have another very committed project with a lot of exercise every other day and managing your intake well to lose that much in such a short time.  You would basically have to hit a 2lb loss per week average over the whole time to achieve your target.  But people do manage this when they are motivated, and you are.  So go for it.  Anything you achieve on this will be a benefit, won't it.  

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