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How to Fill in the Weekly Weight Lose Chart?

HI.. I am new here. Just try to lose weight... 

I have many questions about the nhs.uk/Choices chart:

1. What is recording of 'Your 5 a Day' and what is that used for? 

2. How many minutes of Aerobic and Strength exercises that we are suppose to do in terms of losing weight? 

3. Is there anywhere I can get more information about what the ideal scene is for weight losing? 

Heheee, too many questions... ;)  

Any help or directions to help me get started would be greatly appreciated!!

Later, Guys and Girls... :D 

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Hi Kris999

good for you in starting on a new plan - questions are always good as they keep everyone on their toes and remind us all what we should be doing.

I have only been on this plan for a week, but my understanding is as follows:

5 a day is your pieces of fruit and veg - I have read before this should be 2 fruit and 3 veg - a google search will tell you how much a portion size is.  Also you should try and aim for 5 different colours of fruit and veg and this will cover all the nutritional values you'd need for example - green apple, black grapes, orange carrot, white cauliflower, red raddish.

for this plan I have read 150 minutes of exercise - combine cardio + strength

not sure how to answer your third point, but I hope these two answers start you off....

good luck.


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Thanks a lot for your quick response!! Ha!! :D

I got more ideas and information for the exercises. For Adults(19-64 years), here is the exercise guidelines: 


Heheee... Thanks again!! ;)


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