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How do you lose weight if you can't exercise?

I have been told I can't exercise due to a knee injury. I used to love running and walking. I feel so down as the weights crept up and up and unfortunately my knee is no better:( I am determined to address my weight going up and I've just started to swim but I'm have to go v slow the gp said, but any tips for weight loss when you can't exercise as much? Feel so pants about it! Previously the only time I've lost weight is through lots of exercise.

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Sorry to hear you have injured your knee. Well I guess you will still lose weight without exercise but it will just take you a bit longer. Can you do any upper body work with weights? Not sure how feasible that is but just an idea?

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There is still a lot you can do, I know because I'm doing it!! My joints are now mending but I started out doing chair based workouts, (google it!) swimming and yoga. I used a mini under-desk cycle machine too, very gentle. But I still have to eat less as I'm not moving the way I used to I'm afraid 😕

Good luck!


Yes it is perfectly possible to lose weight just by diet.  I got to goal weight over 2 years when I was very immobilised through bad health.  And yes, it does take longer and you have to be more careful.  Still it gives the sitting down you something to do, all that planning and recording!   If it is one knee injury, you can do a lot on 1 leg.   Eg, wall press ups would be possible.  Circling round your ankle with your foot might be possible with both feet.  You just need to think your way through this, as the others have said.   Your swimming sounds perfect.  If you can train this way, that should work.  When we are used to being fit, we tend to use timing to build our stamina.  When we are less fit, we can get much the same effect by building the length of time we take, rather than doing the exercise faster and faster.  Just do it slowly enough to suit you for longer and longer.  Or add in more sessions.  I don't know if you have been offered any physio, but perhaps Google will come to your assistance here.  There may be exercises you can do with the bad leg that would support the muscles etc round the injury without making the injury worse.  That way healing etc could be supported by a better leg around the problem knee.   Are you still able to walk with your knee?  Because if you are usually a runner, you may not realise the benefits of walking can be very similar to running, if you do that for longer.  Unfortunately without the adrenaline high that runners can get!  So to summarise, manage your intake carefully and do the exercise you can do slowly but maybe for longer and you should still see results but it may be slowly and take longer!  Good luck.  So sensible of you to plan for this rather than let the weight pile on and make your knee even worse.  


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