Slight lapse yesterday, so ready to work hard this week

So, I feel I need to explain the lapse, which is crazy because it is my first since starting this about 4 weeks ago. I am currently doing a pretty intensive masters degree and have 6 essays and an exam in May. So, being the dutiful student that I am, I spent yesterday doing one of my essays. Hubby was working all day, so it was the perfect opportunity. Did a quick 5k interval jog/walk in the morning and then hit the books! Unfortunately, the stress of the essay and the boredom of spending the day on my own led to me eating loads! Chocolate is my biggest vice and I ate quite a lot yesterday.  Really disappointed, as I've been limiting myself to a small piece of dark chocolate each weekend. 

Anyway, time to (as my teenage cousin would say) build a bridge and get over it! So, I'm up and ready to go to a high intensity gym class this morning, plan to run 3 times next week in between my usual exercise classes and not buy any chocolate so that there isn't any in my flat when I come to write another essay next weekend. 

Let's do this!


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8 Replies

  • Sounds like you are doing amazing if you've kept on track for four weeks and still fitting in all that exercise. Don't be so hard on yourself. 

  • Thank you. I think I just feel disappointed because I was doing so well and my holiday is fast approaching. I'd like to lose a stone by the end of August :) 

  • Sounds like your putting your disappointment in to working even harder great idea. I also want to lose a stone by the end of August for a holiday :-)

  • Holiday always seems to be what pushes me to do it. Envisioning myself in a bikini is plenty of motivation :)

  • Don't be so hard on yourself - it was only one slip up. You were having a stressful day and something had to give. Sounds like you are back on track and upping your exercise regime so I am sure that the slip up will not damage all your hard work very much. Hope you are having a more relaxing Sunday :)

  • Thanks :) I've worked really hard today with the exercise and eaten really well, so feeling much better than I was earlier. I can do this!!!! :D 

  • Glad you feeling better - yes you can do this!

  • I bet you're in the middle of spring cleaning too!  Only time I ever got to the bottom of the ironing pile, during exam revision.  It's displacement activity, isn't it?  You seem to have already come up with a whole series of plans to cope with the choc blip and to make up for it.  So applause from this direction.  I think you are worrying about your diet because you can rather than that you need to.  It stops you from worrying about your study load and work load.    To be honest you are doing really well with the whole lot.  Maybe make yourself some veg and some fruit nibbles, perhaps with a lower kcal dip.  So you can have a savoury or a sweet nibbly treat, next time you're revising.  How about getting some treat low kcal cold drinks and setting yourself up with some ice cubes, and slices of citrus etc.  So you can have a treat every hour or so when you have a break.  Also have all your favourite meals.  This is the time to pack in every treat you can, to keep you going.  "Because we're worth it!!"  Good luck with all your essays.  You don't need good luck with the diet plan, you've organised it into submission.  

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