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no more slimming world need to lose the weight now!

Hi I am 53 and have struggled with diets for years. I started trying to lose weight by doing weight watchers and  My biggest weight then 12.13  in 1996. I have been on a "diet" since then tried all the clubs several times and now am 16.00!!!!. I know I need to lose weight sensibly and for me . Is there anyone who has managed to lose weight by nhs choices and changed their mindset.

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Hi Deb, you sound exactly like me... I'm 43 and have been dieting since I was 19. I was successful a number of times, if I'm totally honest those diets were probably very unhealthy... As I got older and wiser I dieted more sensibly on and off with exercise but got fed up when my motivation wasn't as strong as I would of liked it to be! When I hit 40 and saw my birthday photos I decided to diet better as I looked and felt huge... I lost a bit and felt I was destined to be on this cycle forever. I Decided then n there I was going to end the cycle or at least minimise it! I researched so many solutions and finally decided on a gastric band. I had  the operation at 41 and lost all the weight and felt fabulous.... My story doesn't end there! Stress of work and general life made me forget the rules of healthy foods especially for people that have had gastric surgery. The weight started to come back. However at a much slower rate and only a stone over weight. I realised that I hadn't addressed my own eating problems just the amount I could eat. I'm now slowly addressing my personal issues with food and I'm doing better... So for me knowing myself inside and out as well as understanding my weaknesses better meant that I am slowly winning the battle. The gastric band is great and as helped me a great deal but I realised that I still need work. I'm now using CBT to help close this last chapter to moving away from bad choices etc.... I feel happy and more in control I think less about foods and more about what makes me feel good other than food, diet and my weight loss..... Surgery isn't the answer for everybody however there is so many healthy ways to manage individual/personal plans and goals that can help you on your way to succeeding.... Psychologically and physically! I hope this helps...

Amanda X


Hello debzone24 

Yes !! 😊  Absolutely, lots of people conquer their poor eating patterns, create 'lean habits' and become fitter and healthier. I am on that road, a long and winding road, but a one way road. 😊  Do some research, get to know yourself and what works and doesn't work, find a plan that includes enough of your favourite foods so you can stick to plan long term 😊

Good luck! Lots of help and advice on here, as well as inspirational people to chat to 😊


If it helps at all, I lost 3 stone when I was coming up to my 50th birthday - it was a decision to start my 50's with a new outlook on life ....the children had left home, the husband had left home,..... but fortunately I did have the support of a new partner who encouraged me all the way.  

I even kept it off for 5 years or so, and only put it back on very slowly after changing jobs and living with relatives for a while when we started a business together.  Now my partner and I are back on our own, I am succeeding in getting the weight back under control - aged 61, I have lost 23lbs, feeling great and getting back into clothes I haven't worn for 5 years!

You can do this if you put your mind to it.  Look at online calorie diaries, explore new recipes for low fat and low sugar cooking.  Try and get outside as much as you can - walking is good, walking up hills is better!  Stay positive and determined and focus on the new you that you are going to get next Christmas!


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