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Wipe Out

Well today has been a complete wipe out. After being really good for 12 days a colleague was leaving today and brought some food goodies in. Intended to only have a nibble on the grapes but stood talking in front of the 'buffet' and was shocked and dismayed when I realised I'd been constantly shovelling naughty food into my trap without really noticing 😖 was horrified when I went back over what I'd potentially eaten to realise I'd more than likely consumed an addtional 300cals (if not more) without any effort. Grrrrrrr. Hopefully it won't have done too much damage as I've been under on my cals all week. A couple of big walks planned over the weekend to try and get back on track.

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These moments do happen, it's life, next time just stay away.   I'm going out for dinner next week, I plan on a lighter choice, as I find main meals too big these days.

You are still relatively new and will adjust more as time goes on

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An extra 300 calories is not too bad, unless you have underestimated :-) 

Of course that is why plates were invented so that you can put just sufficient on and walk away and eat it! (Of course I have done the same many times and have the XXL trousers to prove it) :-) Onwards and downwards Chelle, have a great weekend.


Blimey, it's so easy to go off track isn't it?  I don't think 300 cals is that much (but it is very annoying if you didn't really mean to eat them!). However, if it makes you even more determined to stick to your regime, then maybe that buffet slip kind of did you a favour to give you fresh momentum!  Have a lovely weekend and good luck for the week ahead...


It's only part of one day.  And you have already had the sense to work out what the damage was.  I would go straight back to what you planned to eat.  And not cut down for this day, because that would make you vulnerable.  Those already planned walks should take care of your extra intake.  Having a 1 meal slip in 12 weeks shouldn't even increase your time to goal by a single day.  Just learn from the experience.  Plan what you would do to avoid this the next time.  Because there will be a next time.  And then you have gotten the most out of this tiny slip.  And by the way, 12 good days sounds brilliant!  Good luck for the rest of your week.  


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