Shocked 😲

Went to have some non fasting blood tests today but they got cancelled until next week as  I found out I also needed to have fasting bloods as well. Nurse said well while you're here let's weigh you.  Omg wish I hadn't gone now as scales said that I'd put on just. under a stone!!!!! Thing is I feel like I've lost and not put on.  The nurse said maybe the scales are wrong as they all read different and it's best to use the same ones.  Let's just say was not a happy bunny.😭😱😣

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  • Remember to use the same scales, undressed and same time of day, and after going to the loo.  Your weight can change by 3lbs overnight and clothing can weigh 3 to 5lbs too.  Keep going with your healthy eating and keep as active as possible, and the weight will slowly come off.  Your belts and waistbands are a good judge!

  • The scales were those at the doctors not my own. I usually wear the same clothing etc when I go and I know I am being weighed.  Also as it was not fasting I'd had a bowl of Porridge not that long before I went. I just that all that is contributing factors and that the scales were wrong as as I mentioned I didnt feel like I'd put that much on or any at all because it shows in my face. Thanks and I'm not giving up or letting it get me down. I cannot afford to anymore. 

  • I hate getting weighed at the doctors,  or on any other scales for that matter. As said before your clothes shoes, (mine weigh 1 kilo!) as well as that bowl of porridge all add up so don't worry too much, keep going and rely upon only one set of scales and how you are feeling :-)

  • It was a similar thing that kick-started my diet this year. Had been avoiding the scales but was at the doctor's, got weighed and I was 86kg, which was officially obese. It was my clothes and time of day that did it (was 83kg and 'merely' overweight on my own scales the next morning) but actually I'm grateful as it was a massive shock and got me determined to do something about it. So it can turn out to be a positive!

  • Sounds like those scales were wrong!  ( - :

    Trust how you feel and don't let numbers get you down.  Onwards.....

  • I'm not surprised!! I'm in agreement with DartmoorDumpling as you use the same clothes, time of day, time of week as opposed to the hospital/doctor's appointment. It also surprises me that some surgeries ask you to leave your shoes on too?!

  • Hi I'm sure the scales were wrong but use this as motivation to move forward.

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