Weight loss is a strange thing

I have not been good this week. I was away on a business trip and really let myself go - the crisps that Air Berlin distributed were consumed. A couple of months ago I refused them! This time I made myself enjoy every salty, fatty crisp individually and they were yummy. And then there were heaps of biscuits consumed over the two days. And 3 full meals, not calorie counting, every day. Topped off by a carb loaded yummy tuna panini and a beer at the airport yesterday evening. So when I stepped on the scales this morning I was expecting an increase of at least 1kg. But no, to my surprise I had lost a kg! How that happened I have no idea🤔

The only thing I can think of is that I haven't done any exercise this week because my right leg was very sore. So I've lost muscle mass? Or the fact it's spring means my body is no longer in storage mode? I do find it easier to lose weight in the spring and summer months. Whatever it is, at least - for once - the unexpected weight change is to my advantage. Long may it continue!


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4 Replies

  • Well done I'm glad you enjoyed yourself 😉👍

  • Maybe you burned it off in nervous energy!  Sounds like you were on the go much of the time!

  • Yes, but less than usual! 

  • You have obviously created good eating habits which you were doing unconsciously 😊 Well done 

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