Hi there, enjoying my weight loss


last year (July 2015) I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes.

I weighed in at 94.4 kg and had an HbA1c at 53.

I went on a controlled diet and now am 74.6 Kgs with an HbA1c at 43 9 taken in Dec 2015 - so am expecting even lower now.

I dropped two sizes in clothes and am having to but a new wardrobe !

I know I probably feel smug about it, but am enjoying being able to run up the stairs without collapsing.

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  • It's good when you start to notice real, positive changes, isn't it?  I wore a pair of "old", i.e. pre-weight-loss, trousers to work today. Every time I saw myself in the mirror I had to laugh - I looked like a tramp, they were so loose and baggy. Won't be doing that in a hurry again!

  • Always good to hear a success story, especially where your health is concerned! 

    I have been trotting up the stairs today carrying the vacuum cleaner, and thought to myself that this probably weighs as many lbs as I have lost - and my knees are not complaining any more!  These are moments to be relished!

  • They are!

  • Great story 😊 Well done

  • Wallow in the smug. You've earned it. 

  • Hurrah!!!  Well done.  sounds like you have worked hard and reaped the rewards.  Brilliant work...

  • Well done! So glad to hear that your weight loss has contributed to you being healthier and fitter. Think you should feel proud of yourself :)

  • Hi all, many thanks for your replies and words or encouragement, I hope also that my story might give encouragement to others. Having to buy new clothes, so contributing to the economy as well :-)


  • Hahaha 😊😊😊 like that excuse for shopping!! 😂

  • Wow that's brilliant.  Hba1c down to aim of  41 and you will have gone from the diabetes range, through the pre diabetes range and back to normal. How wonderful :-)

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