Argh! Friday!

Hello there! I started on this site on Monday, and Ive had a pretty good week, cal and food wise, but now its Friday evening - Im tired, work has been stressful and my usual reaction would be to grab the wine and the ice cream. Previously Ive allowed myself a 'treat night', but that often spilled into a 'treat long weekend!'. Which meant no progress, weight wise. I just wondered what others did to keep motivated at these times of 'temptation'? :-)


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  • I have a top that I love and I hope to get back into it comfortably one day, I look at that and think of how far I've come and that I will get into that top, and that it will look good!  Good luck!

  • Treat yourself to a lovely long soak in a hot bath, followed by an early night with a good book!  If you are really famished, have a mug of hot chocolate (made with water) or a 10 Cal Jelly!

  • Great advice. Thank you! 

  • only buy small bottle of wines (those fun sized ones!) only have one in the fridge at the time (fizz/white of course) and let yourself have one bottle either on a Friday or a Saturday (okay so both some nights) but you'll have limited your intake, still finished a bottle and still (if you're like me) feel you are being a grown up and allowed a drink.

    And really enjoy it, don't have it with a meal, have it after your evening meal, with a good film on, or playing scrabble - or whatever you do! and just enjoy it.

    Not really an Ice Cream fan, so would probably buy the small tubs of Ben & Jerrys (or something like that) and again just buy one small tub for the weekend, I know that if I had a box of magnums in the fridge, then I would eat all of them.

    I know this is quite and expensive approach, but its only once a week, and if you are doing this 12 week plan and not paying into weight watchers/slimming world type clubs then the money you would have given that franchise you can spend on your self!

    just a few ideas - either way, good luck and I am not afraid to say it - Cheers, enjoy a glass!


  • Moderation! Sounds good. Good advice about having a glass after the meal rather than during. I survived Friday with a tasty slimming world recipe, but good to have strategies that wouldnt result in a huge blow out! Thanks:-)

  • Glad to hear you survived Friday night. Sure it will get easier for you once you get into the swing of it :)

  • Thanks! My 'survived' was probably a tad meladromatic, but it can feel like that sometimes when the cookie dough ice cream is calling... :-) This group was a helpful, welcome distraction!

  • That's my husbands favourite! This forum is great for distraction. I am supposed to be painting this morning but have been on here for over half an hour now!!! Oops!

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