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I'm part way through week 5 as yet and, although the scale hasn't shifted too much, I'm starting to notice a big difference in how my clothes fit.  Particularly around my ribs, bras that were once crushing my breathing are now fitting really comfortably.  That does seem to be the only part of me that has shrunk as yet though except a tiny bit from my waist.  

A different kind of goal: I ran today!  I got up and ran!  First time in 3 years!  It was quite a short run, only 10 mins split up with brisk walks but its a start!

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Hi natz994, well done on your run/walk it all helps, soon you'll be running the whole way.

Isn't it great when clothes start to get baggy, I seen to have lost my weight around my tummy, bottom and thighs and jeans are horribly loose. New clothes needed but refraining until I loose more !!

Good luck.

Claire x

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That sadly is a law of dieting - it goes from the top half first......or maybe we just notice it more from there.  The hips always seem to be the last place to shrink, but maybe the tape measure will tell us otherwise!  Well done for running again - makes you feel rejuvenated doesn't it!


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