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Cake free!!!

Two things to celebrate with you..... 1) I walked into the staffroom at school and someone had left a really huge, delicious looking sponge cream on the side for us to help ourselves to (colleague's birthday cake).  I simply turned round and walked out of the staff room, ignored it and went back 20 mins later for a cup of tea.  The cake (i.e. temptation!!!) had gone. I did not eat the cake!!!   2) I did an exercise class yesterday and normally when I return am really hungry and need (want) to eat something.  I was so tempted to make some bread and butter with honey - but ignored the temptation and had a low cal hot choc instead.   Ha, temptation - you can be beaten!!! Am feeling lighter just thinking of it.  Have a good day everyone.... x

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It's those unplanned for, sneaking up on you temptations that are the worst! Big pat on the back! 😀

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Well done! You definitely beat temptation there! A good day! ;)

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