Amazing days

Hi Everyone, 

Day 3 of now sweets, chocolate, cake or biscuits.  Bought chocs and bisc for hubby, dished outna cream cake for hubby and my Uncle none for me never even licked the knife.  Instead an apple and 100g low fat skyr yogurt. Not even fancy it at the moment.

Yesterday I tried running in the tread mill before I realised had done 15 mins today did 20mins yay.  But today I had to keep pulling up my gym leggins up haha.

Good luck everyone



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11 Replies

  • Go Wendy 😊 Soon be needing smaller leggings 😂

  • Go you! That's determination!


  • Yay well done xx

  • What willpower! Great going 😉

  • Well done!  I managed not to demand any of a Lindt chocolate bunny that got produced last night! Well I did demand, but wasn't given any and managed to accept that.  Phew!  Glad now.  Have a great day!

  • That sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.  Make them dish out their own cream cakes!  The least they can do!   But well done for passing the knife test!  

  • My Hubby would have cut me a piece, this way I control my food. 

    Take care


  • I hadn't thought of that!  You've made me realise that Mr Flytrap has trained himself totally.  He brings his portion in with a teaspoon so I can have a tiny taste.  And offers me first bite!  Those tiny tastes done in front of someone else save me more times than I can say!  

  • Hi, wow that's really good. I'm feeling the same. Its soooo good when things work out :-) 

  • Strange never felt so determined has I do this time and I have tried a number of times.  Think that lightbulb moment happened. 

    Take care


  • Great willpower. Well done for not licking the knife too. 

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