Hi all...I've had my light bulb's all in the mind set I've realised...clear mind and focus...I've replaced all carbs with lentils, pearl barley and mung beans. I haven't drank fizzy juice in more than a month...making homemade soups is not only fun but it's cost effective and results in meals for the week ahead. Really enjoying this new lifestyle...weIght shifting slowly but surely and im loving cooking new dishes :0) hope all is well for everyone 

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  • Loving your attitude 😊 Very motivating

  • Got a soupmaker for my birthday had potato and leek soup from it tastes lovely and coasts penny's

  • By cutting carbs you also help the cravings, which mean less hungry, whichever means, weight loss !!!! Way to go babes...

  • I love thinking and eating healthy, with treats included I hasten to add! Good for you! 😊

  • Much as I love barley, in soups, as an alternative to other grains, etc.  I think if you look at the carb content, it will be up there with the other grains.  Gram flour is quite useful being made from chick peas.  So you might find batters made with that useful.  And of course, when you really want something like toast, pappadums are quite useful as long as you eat them in ones rather than pairs.  

  • Thank you for this info 

  • I'm glad you found it helpful.  I was a bit worried about spoiling your plan.  It's just we are following the Blood Sugar Diet at the moment, so I am very aware about carbs in everything! 

  • Nono I'm in the early stages of making these life changes so any advice/tips are welcomed...have had small success already and am keen to learn from others :0)

  • Sounds like you are making some good changes WP. Swapping refined starches for healthy high fibre alternatives is a great start. Perhaps try some sweet potato too, if you haven't already.

    You probably really only need to reduce carbs a lot if you are pre-diabetic or need to lose a lot of weight.

  • I'm a big fan of making soups, Cock a Leakie, Parsnip & Lemon, Watercress, Red pepper & rice.... It's not uncommon for me to get the old cauldron out and whip up a few different batches over the weekend. It's great to use up left overs or veg which is starting to go a bit iffy in the veg basket or salad drawer too! 

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