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Wanting to lose 2 stone

Hi all I am 30 year old female currently 14 stone which is the heaviest I've ever been I am 5 ft 7 ideally I'd like to loose  2 stone. I am going to.start the NHS 12 week program but just wondered how much have others lost on the plan and any tips for me! I do very little excessive but I do have a 1yr old and 10yr old to keep me busy!!! Any help guidance or tips are appreciated. Thanks all

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Hello and good morning

Check out the Newbies post for links to the various challenges and details of the Monday weigh in group. This is a very friendly site with lots of inspiring success stories. If you click on someone's name you can read all about them 😊

Good luck


Hi, definitely start with the NHS plan and try to switch to healthier eating - the weight loss will follow although it is hard to say how quickly. At your age and with young children, there would be an unbelivable number of benefits for you and the family from making lifestyle changes. There is no downside. Best of luck!

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Hi and welcome LnB :)

I don't have anything to add to what Anna and Gonti have advised, just wanted to add my own welcome :)

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you at the weigh-in, in the challenges and on the forum :)


Hi Lumpnbump  😀  (love your name)

I am 35 with 2 young children nearly 3 and nearly 6 (x2 birthdays in the next 3 wks - not looking forward to birthday cakes and trying not to eat them all!!) 

I started the 12 wk plan (now in wk8) and have to say it's the best thing ever. It really gives you fantastic tips on not only healthy eating but gives you the building blocks to change habits forever!! Hopefully....

Since I started I have lost a stone!! Not only do I feel better in myself I have more energy and with 2 little ones it's much needed.

I calorie count and log meals and exercise in myfitnesspal which really helps. I also walk loads (7000 steps min a day) and do davina 5wk fit work outs 4 nights a wk  (only take 30mins max) so can do after kids go bed 😀

This forum has really helped as well lots of great tips and motivation. If you have a question about anything you will gets lots of posts.

Good luck with your journey.

As we say - onwards and downwards!

Claire x 


Hi Lumpnbump!

I'm on week 15 of the NHS 12 -week plan and have lost 2 stone.  (Well, if Douglas Adams can write a 5 part trilogy, why not?)  I'm also 5'7" and aim to get as near to 160 lbs as I can by the end of June.  After that I'm shooting for around 10 stone.

For me it was the counting of calories that's been really helpful.  By having to weigh everything it's given me a much better indication of what a portion size really should be.  Not the over-inflated amount that fills up the plate.  I also write down everything I eat in a diary (sorry, not into the online ones) so I know exactly what I'm eating and how much.  I didn't realize exactly how much I had been eating prior to starting the plan, so it was a real eye opener.  Even without snacks between meals, I was probably eating 2 or 3 portions at a meal.  And all without really noticing.  Now, I notice!

Good luck!


Very true, my portions were huge too. Have now cut back to three healthy meals. I do have a snack in the afternoons (normally fruit) as I find I'm flagging by mid afternoon. And I may have a cheeky treat in the evening. I make sure it's within my calorin allowance and always low fat/sugar 😀


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