Never too old to keep fit!

Have just spent a couple of days with my trim 84 year old mother and her slim childhood friend also 84.  We took them walking, all kitted out properly in hiking boots, and they happily walked and chatted for a 3 mile woodland walk, stopping only for our sandwiches in a lovely riverside spot.  Not only did they manage the 3 miles which included 2 hills, they climbed about 5 stiles of various heights and sizes (with a helping hand of course) too! 

My mother eats very sensibly, she has reared 5 children and had a serious heart operation some 5 years or so ago.  She is a fine example of someone who lives with her cup half full!  She could never have enjoyed such a day out if she was overweight and unfit - I do so want to be like her when I grow up (or perhaps I should say get old)!


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17 Replies

  • What a lovely post 😊  And what an amazing person your mother sounds 😊 So heartwarming to know she successfully lost weight and kept it off, just inspirational 😊 Glad you enjoyed your day 

  • Fantastic post! So lovely that your mother is fit and healthy and able to enjoy life to the full. Great motivation for you to follow in her footsteps :)

  • Great post! Very inspirational 😊 My mentor just turned 83 and is currently on holiday in Sicily where she is most looking forward to walking up to the hilltop churches. She goes for a small walk everyday that includes at least one hill and does 30 minutes of stretch exercises in the mornings. 

    Rosa has a fantastic frame of mind and has taken hip replacement and caterac (?) surgery without complaining. She still works five hours a day and is very sensible about her diet, which keeps her happy, alert and all round well.

    Onething to remember though is that being this way in one's 80s is the result of lifelong habits, so I'm hoping to still be on time to build some of my own!


  • In my job I deal with people over the age of 75 everyday and never cease to be inspired by those like Rosa who are positive and living life to the full and are often in stark contrast to others who are very negative and cannot see anything positive in life. You are so right in saying that the key to the positive option is good health and energy and that is what we should always have in mind. Lets hope we can be the positive role models of the future!

  • That's so inspirational and makes me want to keep going ☺

  • That's great. Being a few years younger that your mother, we are trying to follow the same idea.

    We've given up our car to walk everywhere - to walk to bus stops to use buses- to get to lovely parks, tow-paths and walkways. Being retired helps to give you time to walk everywhere and go swimming at the quiet times at the pools.  Having health monitoring gadgets is fun too.

  • While I was on holiday, I met a lady out walking her 2 large dogs. Chatting to her, I discovered that she was just about to celebrate her 80th birthday and was still working! She was the main carer for a 94yr old lady!

    We should all take a leave out of their books, they know exactly how to stay young and fit! :)

  • Inspiration for us all! 

  • Absolutely love this I remember my great auntie who was 92 bless her and still climbing up the apple trees and would always sit with her leg underneath her, get up and run into the kitchen ☺ I hope I make it to that age and am slim fighting fit, that's the goals for me 😃 take my hat off to your mom xx

  • What a lovely post, it bought a tear to me eye

  • Ah that is so amazing.My mom is a similar age recently she came to visit and I too was amazed at her energy when we went out walking.We can learn so much from the older generation .I think it's so important to have friends from all age groups.

  • So inspiring to read this. Just goes to show we can have long and healthy lifestyles if we look after ourselves no matter what our age it. I feel like I could not keep up with her! 

  • I wish I was as fit as your mum and her friend xx

  • Inspirational.....sounds a lovely Mum....

  • Inspirational.....what a lovely Mum...

  • My grandmother was still dancing at 90 and had more stamina than the 75 year olds. She went to the doctor once a year for her "MOT", as she called it and told us if we didn't hear from her for a week or so, we'd find her on the compost heap (dead - she had a great dark sense of humour!). She made it to 96, as did my other grandmother - so I'm hoping their longevity has skipped a generation and come to the grandchildren! My parents didn't inherit their health and my grandfathers also popped off very young. 

  • I so enloyed your post.  It sounded a very special occasion.  Being well over the 'three score and ten' mself I am glad to learn I shall not have to give up my Dartmoor walks any time soon.  Though I have to say that like your Parents I am very glad of a helping hand over stiles and rough areas these days.  

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