Newbie: Loosing weight when BMI already 'normal'

Hi all

Was just wondering if anyone had any tips for loosing weight and avoiding a weight plateau when you are already classed as a 'healthy' weight.  I have never been overweight but weighed myself this morning and at 10st 4 (66kg) am the heaviest I have ever been - and I've had a few people ask if I'm pregnant (I'm not!) which gives me a BMI of 23.8. 

My aim is to get back to 9st 7lb (61kg) which I feel would be my 'happy weight' and any tips on how to maintain a healthy slow weight loss after the first initial few weeks would be great. Plan to follow the 12 weeks plan and try (try!) and exercise more. 


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  • Hiya,

    I need to be under 10 stone and was 10 stone 6 when I started (7 weeks now).  I'm now at 9 stone 8 so it's coming off and I'm doing the 12 week plan.  I've found that as I lose more, the losses are slowing down a lot, but I remind myself that I'm not yet where I want to be (9 stone) so to keep at it.  I'm doing couch to 5k too, but I don't know if that's slowing down my losses if I am building muscle, but it's toning me up a bit and that can only be a good thing.  I was asked if I was pregnant too when I wasn't, pretty gutting.  I was then happily told, oh that's your mummy tummy then *sighs*  My BMI is just over 24, so just a bit higher than yours, it was around 26 when I started.  I'd expect it to be slow going, but it will happen.  Also, at that dreaded 'time of the month' I don't lose a gram the week before....  I'm eating pretty much no junk food, eating fruit and nuts (although nuts are high fat so weigh out your portions) and portion control for meals.  Porridge is a great breakfast and I'm eating more fish.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks, good to know it works for you! Snacking is usually my downfall so hoping if can curb that it will make the difference. I just love food, that's my problem! 

    Couch to 5k is definitely helping my stamina with running, even if I do go about 2mph, just need to get back to running 3/week. 


  • I found the first week (esp the first few days) really hard.  Was craving all the rubbish - but once you get over that hurdle, it really does get easier, honest.  I'm eating fruit if I'm hungry, lots of fibre so it's nice and filling and good for your tum :-)

  • mrsmidwife 

    I too am at a so called healthy BMI, but not happy with myself!!!

    Check out this site authority nutrition I am starting a low carb plan also the NHS advice is brill on this,  cut carbs and we should see results, oh AND we need to move !!!! Lots, drink lots ( water that is)

    Good luck 👍👍👍👍

  • Hello, that is exactly what I am doing, trying to shift just under a stone. I lost 4lb easily and then hit the dreaded plateau. So I took a break from the plan, still keeping the weight off and after 2 weeks started again and lost another 3lb easily. I think this stop start routine is working for me, so next plateau I know what to do and not get down about not loosing any more weight. Hope this helps and good luck! 

  • Plateaus happen, calorie cycling does too

  • The older you get the tougher it is, and I'm 5'4" , 53 and weigh 10st 5, wanting to be 10st 4 ( which is about my lowest, before I lose my cleavage).

    I gained a few pounds and had to readjust to 1400 cals, I'd managed before to eat 1500/1600 and still lose.  And last week I shifted 3.5 lbs.

    Check out the resting metabolic weight , and work out what you need from that , rem more a bigger engine needs more fuel, a smaller one less.

    Good luck x

  • I originally lost 2 stone to get to a healthy bmi at 10st4 (I'm 5'4"). But after maintaining a few months I decided I wanted to push a bit further and am now 9st9. Having already done couch to 5k and the 12 week plan I simply returned to a lot of the basic principles, rather than strictly counting calories. Basically planned meals and snacks, filling wholegrains, lots of veg and exercise. But the main difference for me has come through doing strength exercises. If you're not already doing them, I really recommend introducing a little and often approach to strength. E.g. 20 squats, 5 press-ups per day, or find a circuit training class, or try the NHS Strength & Flex podcasts. So I'd say on top of what you're planning to do, remember to add in a little strength too.

  • Great, thank you. When I do make it to the gym I try and do 20-30 mins of cardio then some strength exercises afterwards. And classes are good for that - even if I can't walk for 2 days after! Hoping that combined exercise and diet will work :) 

  • It will. Just tweak as you go along depending on how the lbs shift. If you feel you need to increase your exercise to get more results, I'd advise increasing strength. Lots of luck 😊

  • I admire you Ruth!

  • You're not doing so badly yourself Diana! 😊

  • Hello

    I'm  in a similar situation to yourself current bmi of 25 weighing in at 67.5kg like yourself I want to get back to mid nine stones. Hoping this programme will help. Good luck!

  • Me too - I'm in the 9 stone 5 range but my BMI is 24 is and I am only 5 ft 2 tall with a waist of around 33 inches (breathing out) so would like a slimmer waist and be more toned up.  Think I need to do something more aerobic like dancing about to music!

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