Its hard when you have a lot on your mind

Haven't been on for a few days, my son is having a hard time off ill stressed with work so am worrying about him , and now one of my wee boys(dog) has been ill for two days vet given him some meds but no better he is 14 but have been up at 3.30am, 5.45 am today cleaning kitchen again ,left ill son at home to look out for him today so I can go to work ,and have not been to the gym at all , have managed to keep track of my food intake just but am fretting about the gym too as its the best way to keep me motivated , I did manage my 2lb weight loss on Monday only 3lb to my first stone, so pleased but it doesn't take much to knock things out of sync  feeling a bit down.


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7 Replies

  • Aw life can be tough can't it, I've suffered ill health because of stress and hope your son gets better soon. I'm sorry you're feeling a bit down, have you an idea when you'll be able to get to the gym? Remember these problems are temporary and you WILL gym again soon hopefully and son and dog will improve so keep going with the food tracking and don't let your good efforts be blown off track. Everyone on here is rooting for you. Sending a virtual hug now...x

  • thank you for your kind words, I made myself go to the gym today after work as new hubby was home early ,it was hard work my heart wasn't really there but I pushed on , so am pleased I went .

  • Well done, it's great you got to go, this time will pass x

  • It's tough being a parent, even when they're no longer children 😕  And I have had bad new today too, dog wise, I lost my sister in 2009 and today her little dog followed her 😕  Very sad for my niece who is breaking her heart 😕 But - you DIDNT turn to food, 😊😊😊 so that proves that you have well and truly got into the swing of things, and have made good habits 😊😊😊 very well done ! Onwards and downwards 😊

  • Sorry about your sad news, too Anna :(

  • A www thank you, I'm fine, just sad 😕

  • I am sorry you have so much on your plate (excuse the unintentional pun) at the moment.  Stress can make it harder to lose weight and life getting in the way of exercise also makes it difficult.

    Well done on keeping up with the diet, I suppose at least that is something that is within our control when everything else gets a bit out of hand.

    Wishing you all the best for your son and for your wee dog.

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