Almost had a wobble on day two!

Stopped and stared at the sweetie and chocolate shelf in a shop on the way home, as really wanted a treat after a great, but tiring day outdoors! I stared, walked around the isle, stared again and thought, it's only day two . . .stay with it! So, stocked up on rice cakes instead! Phew! that was a close one! So, feeling pleased with myself! Just got to get through today now!!!


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7 Replies

  • Well done tomanybiscuits 😀 I find it really hard when my kids have a treat, need to be firm but a small nibble occasionally is naughty but nice!! Good luck with today x 

  • Well done 😊 It's really hard to break out of that "but I deserve a treat" mentality 😕

    Good luck for today 😊

  • No added sugar jelly is my go to for a sweet treat ..... only 5-10kcal depending on flavour 😀 yummy !!

  • where do you get the jelly? do you make it yourself?

  • It's Hartleys jelly and I would imagine you can get it from most supermarkets.

    Make sure you pick up the no added sugar ones as there is a big difference in calories in the normal ones.

    Claire x

  • That's a victory, temptation is everywhere but you didn't succumb...great stuff!

  • Well done :-) that's really good that you managed to stay strong x

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